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Big Apple Comic Con 2019 Returns this Weekend


Press Release:

Big Apple Comic Con is coming! On March 9-10, 2019 the premier boutique comic and popular culture show in NYC, chock full of celebrities, dealers, collectors, cosplayers, and folks out for a great time, will take over the Penn Plaza Pavilion in the heart of the city.

For over 20 years Big Apple Conventions has presented the most outrageously fun comic and popular culture convention in New York City. Founded in 1997, the BACC features a large range of pop culture elements including science fiction/fantasy, film/television, cosplay, animation, anime, manga, toys, horror, collectible card games, video games, web comics, and fantasy and graphic novels.

Along with exhibitors displaying original comic art work and some of the most sought after collectible comic books in history, there are dozens of up and coming artists, independent publishers, plus celebrity panels, seminars, and workshops with professionals from various fields. The Big Apple Comic Con also features previews of upcoming films, and a main event cosplay costume contest.

BACC 2019 features celebrity guests and noted comic book artists including:


  • Star Trek’s William Shatner
  • Marvel Luke Cage/Defenders/Jessica Jones’s Mike Colter
  • Multiple Golden Globe winner, stage and screen Star Kathleen Turner (Sunday Only)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Saturn Award winner Brent Spiner
  • Harry Potter’s Chris Rankin
  • Seinfeld’s John O’Hurley
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy winning Motown Supremes’ star Mary Wilson
  • The Martian Child’s David Gerrold
  • Also appearing – Ann Robinson (Sunday Only), Jason Liles, Richard Dorton, Alan Maxson, TJ Storm, Gigi Edgley, Geoffrey Cantor (Sunday Only), Debbie Rochon, Dave Madison, and The Amazing Kreskin.


  • Frank Cho (Spider-Man, Avengers, The Hulk, Skybourne)
  • Tony Isabella (Black Lightning, Luke Cage, Captain America)
  • Jim Steranko (S.H.I.E.L.D, Captain America, X-Men)
  • Bill Griffith (Zippy The Pinhead, Invisible Ink)
  • Jae Lee (The Dreaming, X-Factor, Hellshock)
  • Diane Noomin (Twisted Sisters, Glitz-2-Go)
  • Arvell Jones (Misty Knight, Deathlok, Power Man)
  • Mark Texeira (Black Panther, Wolverine, Ghost Rider)
  • Also appearing – Dan Nokes, Larry Welz, Robert J Sodaro, Peter Bagge, Joe Martino, Ramona Fradon, Reilly Brown, Adam Air Williams, Peter David, Sy Barry, John Orlando, Brian Kong, Bob Camp, J. David Spurlock, Timothy Truman, Larry Nemecek, Danny Fingeroth, James Sherman, Jim Salicrup, Mike Diana, Cristian Aluas, Rodney Ramos, Keith Williams, Larry Stroman, and Dan Fogel.

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For further details and updates please go to the website: bigapplecc.com

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