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Date(s) City Event Country
07/17/19 - 07/22/19 Clearwater, FL Nathan Gamble, Cozi Zuehlsdorff & Austin Highsmith @ Clearwater Marine Aquarium United States
07/22/19 Denver, CO Timothy Zahn @ Tattered Cover Bookstore United States
07/22/19 New York, NY Lucy Lawless @ BUILD Studio United States
07/22/19 New York, NY Jamie Bell, Danielle Macdonald & more @ BUILD Studio United States
07/23/19 W. Hollywood, CA J. Michael Stracznski @ Book Soup United States
07/23/19 Oklahoma City, OK Timothy Zahn @ Full Circle Bookstore United States
07/23/19 Alhambra, CA Katie O’Neill @ Gallery Nucleus United States
07/23/19 Denver, CO Chuck Wendig @ Tattered Cover Book Store United States
07/23/19 New York, NY David Spade @ BUILD Studio United States
07/23/19 New York, NY Cary Elwes @ BUILD Studio United States
07/24/19 Roseville, MN Timothy Zahn @ Barnes & Noble United States
07/24/19 San Francisco, CA Kieron Gillen @ Comix Experience United States
07/24/19 Houston, TX Gabriel Picolo @ Bedrock City Comic Co. United States
07/24/19 Portland, OR Kurt Busiek @ Excalibur Comics United States
07/24/19 New York, NY Brian Michael Bendis @ Midtown Comics Downtown United States
07/24/19 Oakland, CA Jon Tsuei, David Andry & Matt Ritchie @ Cape and Cowl Comics United States
07/25/19 Jersey City, NJ Timothy Zahn @ Word Bookstore United States
07/25/19 Rochester, NH Sean G. Murphy @ Jetpack Comics United States
07/25/19 London, UK Eoin Colfer, Mary Watson, Kristen Ciccarelli & more @ Forbidden Planet United Kingdom
07/25/19 Rochester, NH Joseph Schmalke & Rich Woodall @ Jetpack Comics United States
07/27/19 Las Vegas, NV Lee Bermejo @ Torpedo Comics United States
07/27/19 Seattle, WA Frank Gogol @ Comics Dungeon United States
07/27/19 Burbank, CA Penelope Gaylord @ The Perky Nerd United States
07/27/19 Santa Monica, CA Bryant and Barbra Dillon @ Hi De Ho Comics United States
07/27/19 Los Angeles, CA David Mack @ Golden Apple Comics United States
07/27/19 Columbus, OH Lisa Sterle & Matt Erman @ Laughing Ogre Comics United States
07/27/19 Seattle, WA Frank Gogol @ Outsider Comics United States
07/30/19 Toronto, ON Jim Zub, Stacy King & Andrew Wheeler @ Storm Crow Manor United Kingdom
07/30/19 New York, NY Sean Lewis @ The PIT Loft United States
07/31/19 Toronto, ON Chip Zdarsky @ Silver Snail Comics Canada
07/31/19 Philadelphia, PA Michelle Gish @ Brave New Worlds United States
07/31/19 Bellingham, MA Paul Tremblay & Christopher Golden @ Friendly Neighborhood Comics United States
07/31/19 Milwaukie, OR Tyler Crook @ Things From Another World United States
07/31/19 New York, NY Dan Slott @ JHU Comic Books  United States
08/01/19 New York, NY Brian K. Vaughan & Cliff Chiang @ Midtown Comics Downtown United States
08/01/19 Chicago, IL J. Michael Straczynski @ American Writers Museum United States
08/01/19 New York, NY Chris Jaymes @ Forbidden Planet United States
08/01/19 Toronto, ON Yana Bogatch @ The Beguiling Canada
08/01/19 Portland, OR Simon Hanselmann @ Floating World Comics United States
08/02/19 Cooperstown, NY Ta-Nehisi Coates @ Alice Busch Opera Theater United States
08/02/19 Seattle, WA Maia Kobabe @ Outsider Comics United States
08/02/19 San Francisco, CA Simon Hanselmann @ Green Apple Books United States
08/03/19 Clinton, MA Joseph Schmalke & Rich Woodall @ The One Stop Shop United States
08/03/19 Philadelphia, PA Kaloni Davis @ Amalgam Comics United States
08/03/19 Los Angeles, CA Simon Hanselmann @ Skylight Books United States
08/03/19 London, UK Marc Ellerby @ Forbidden Planet United Kingdom
08/03/19 Wilmington, DE Amy Chu @ The Comic Book Shop United States
08/03/19 Portland, OR Emily Lewis @ Books with Pictures United States
08/04/19 New York, NY Kristen Gudsnuk @ Midtown Comics – Grand Central United States
08/06/19 New York, NY Daniel Kibblesmith & Abraham Riesman @ The PIT Loft United States
08/09/19 Uncasville, CT John Barrowman @ Mohegan Sun Casino United States
08/10/19 London, UK Dan Abnett @ Forbidden Planet United Kingdom
08/10/19 Birmingham, UK Sarah Graley @ Forbidden Planet United Kingdom
08/10/19 Oak Ridge North, TX Eric Powell @ Space Cadets Collection United States
08/10/19 Ann Arbor, MI Jim K. Benton @ Vault of Midnight United States
08/10/19 Montclair, NJ Joe Corallo, Cameron Deordio & Soo Lee @ East Side Mags United States
08/11/19 Ontario, CA Sgt. Slaughter @ Dave & Busters United States
08/11/19 Cambridge, MA Jerry Craft @ Million Year Picnic United States
08/12/19 Washington, DC J. Michael Straczynski @ Politics & Prose United States
08/13/19 Stockbridge, MA Joe Mathieu @ Norman Rockwell Museum United States
08/13/19 New York, NY Jamal Igle & Stuart Moore @ The PIT Loft United States
08/15/19 Sioux Falls, SD Colin Cantwell @ Rainbow Comics United States
08/15/19 New York, NY Kate Lacour @ Book Culture United States
08/17/19 San Francisco, CA J. Michael Straczynski @ Cartoon Art Museum United States
08/17/19 Portland, OR Cassie Anderson @ Green Bean Books United States
08/20/19 Pasadena, CA George Takei @ Vroman’s Bookstore United States
08/20/19 London, UK Marie Brennan @ Forbidden Planet United Kingdom
09/24/19 San Francisco, CA George Takei & Mina Kim @ Herbst Theatre United States
10/19/19 - 10/20/19 Boston, MA Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) United States

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