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More Artists Come to Baltimore Comic-Con 2022


This year’s Baltimore Comic-Con returns to the Inner Harbor at the Baltimore Convention Center on October 28-30, 2022. The Baltimore Comic-Con is pleased to announce comics some of comics’ biggest names for our 2022 event: John Beatty, Alan Davis, Greg LaRocque, Bill Morrison, Alex Saviuk, and Joe Staton. Tickets are available online now so fans can avoid ticket counter lines at the show!

John Beatty got his first break working for Marvel and DC Comics when he was 19. The year was 1980 and the decade that followed is now referred to as the “Bronze Age” of comic books! Beginning with short filler stories for DC Comics anthology books, Beatty soon found himself as the finisher on the JLA working over George Perez. However, the run was limited to 4 issues due to Marvel Comics offering him the inking duty over his favorite character, Captain America, with his long-time mentor and collaborator, Mike Zeck. Coming off of a 2.5 year run on Cap, Zeck and Beatty were tagged to do the art on the first major clash of heroes and villains, Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars! which saw the change of Spider-Man’s costume to black in issue #8 of the series, something that turned into a bigger deal as Venom. After Secret Wars, the team of Zeck and Beatty produced the hit limited mini-series and a graphic novel starring Marvel’s newest “A-List” character, The Punisher. The last major work the team produced was the Captain America Annual 8. Covers for Captain America, G.I. Joe, and many other titles were a staple of work for the team during the ’80s. Beatty continued projects for Marvel, including Thanos Quest, Squadron Supreme, Venom: The Madness, and others. At DC Comics, John was the inker for Batman: Year 3 and the first 5 issues on the new Batman title, Legends of the Dark Knight. Eight years of work on various Batman titles with writer Doug Moench and penciler Kelley Jones became well-known in the ’90s, including the last 2 installments on the Vampire/Batman GN series, other Batman graphic novels, and a 3-year run on the monthly Batman title, recently reprinted in two beautiful hardcover editions. Eventually turning his sights on DC Licensing, Beatty has produced vector ink and color for style guides, from movies to animated series to products such as toys, cards, packaging, and clothing, among other things. This is uncredited work, but is still being used. Traditional inking is still Beatty’s main love, and he continues to practice it and teach those around him who want to learn.

Born in June of 1956 in Corby, Northants, England, Alan Davis had no formal art education — unpleasant experiences with ‘art establishment’ reinforced his primary ambition to be a carpenter. Davis began contributing to comics as a part-time hobby that quickly became a full-time job. His first professional comic work was on Captain Britain in 1981 for Marvel UK. Marvelman for Warrior followed less than a year later. Harry Twenty on the High Rock for 2000AD allowed the hobby to become a full-time job. D.R. and Quinch followed. In 1985, Davis landed his first US work for DC Comics on Batman and the Outsiders, followed by Detective Comics. A few X-Annuals led to art duties on Excalibur. Then there was Wolverine: Bloodlust, a return to Excalibur as writer/artist, The ClanDestine, JLA: The Nail, Fantastic Four, various X-books, Superboy’s Legion, Avengers, Killraven, JLA: Another Nail, Fantastic Four: The End… Lots of covers, short runs and more ClanDestine. Runs on Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Savage Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, and, most recently, three 100-page Thanos OGNs and writing an Avengers/Defenders mini-series, Tarot. Davis has been married to his wife Heather since 1977 with two children and four grandchildren.

Greg LaRocque’s career in comics began in 1980 doing short stories in DC Comics’ line of horror books. He also did Omac for DC before moving on to Marvel to work on the Avengers and Power Man & Iron Fist before his stint as a Spider-Man artist, notably on Web of Spider-Man. In a more than 40-year-long career in comics, Greg’s resume includes more work with DC, the Legion of Super Heroes, Flash, and Fighting American, as well as independents Razor, Stargate, and The Three Stooges! nyuk, nyuk..lol. Recent work includes The Regulators, Raven & the Masters for Power Comics. Greg is currently writing and drawing a creator-owned series, specifics to be announced shortly.

Award-winning cartoonist, writer, and illustrator Bill Morrison began his career in Detroit, Michigan as a technical illustrator, but his dream was to be a cartoonist. When Bill decided that he had rendered his last diesel fuel pump, he moved to Southern California with his wife, Kayre. He began working immediately in motion picture advertising where he painted dozens of movie posters, including many for Walt Disney Pictures such as The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Peter Pan, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book. For several years, Bill spent most of his waking hours on various projects related to The Simpsons. For that iconic property, he has created thousands of drawings for t-shirts, video games, posters, toy packaging, books, calendars, limited edition prints, etc. When The Simpsons creator Matt Groening founded Bongo Comics, Bill was hired on as art director and realized his cartoonist dreams when he drew the very first Simpsons comic. He quickly took on the role of Creative Director, editing Bongo’s entire output, and writing and drawing stories and covers as time permitted. Bill also worked with Groening on early character designs for the TV show Futurama and served as the series art director. He also recently served as Artist and Designer on Groening’s Netflix series, Disenchantment. In addition to his work on The Simpsons and Futurama comics, Bill has written and drawn his own comic book series, the four-time Eisner Award-nominated Roswell, Little Green Man, and co-created three other comic book series: Heroes Anonymous, Dead Vengeance, and Lady Robotika (the latter with Jane Wiedlin of the legendary all-girl rock band, The Go-Go’s). Morrison also created a 96-page graphic novel adaptation of The Beatles Yellow Submarine for Titan Comics. Most recently, Bill was the Executive Editor of the relaunched MAD Magazine, and also served as Art Director for Seriously’s “Best Fiends” animated shorts.

Alex Saviuk started his professional career at DC Comics in 1977 after studying sequential art with Will Eisner at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. Within a few short months, he became the regular artist on Green Lantern and The Flash. He also drew Superman, Hawkman, Aquaman, The Atom, and Air Wave, among others. In 1986, Alex moved over to Marvel Comics, filling in on Iron Man 211 and various covers before eventually becoming the penciler on Defenders of the Earth, featuring The Phantom, Flash Gordon, and Mandrake. Then, after successfully filling in on Amazing Spider-Man for 3 issues, he started a 7+ year run on Web of Spider-Man followed by over 2 more years on Spider-Man Adventures. From 1997-1998, Alex penciled the last 12 issues of The X-Files for Topps Comics (#30-41). In 2003, he joined the ranks of a Swedish and an Australian publisher chronicling the adventures of Lee Falk’s The Phantom. In 2004, he also assisted his mentor Will Eisner (legendary creator of The Spirit) on The Spirit Meets The Escapist published by Dark Horse, which unfortunately was Will Eisner’s last completed work before his passing in January 2005. Alex also worked on the graphic novel Feast of the Seven Fishes, glowingly reviewed by Stan Lee; it was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2006, and that same year, the Spider-Man newspaper strip, on which Alex worked, also received a Harvey nomination. In 2012, Alex worked with Stan Lee on a mainstream superhero book called Stan Lee and The Mighty Seven published by Archie Comics. Besides comics, Alex also does storyboards and conceptual art for advertising agencies and the occasional feature film (Never Back Down, The Reaping, Hoot, and Lonely Hearts). Currently and recently, besides drawing The Phantom, Alex contributed pencils and inks for 11 variant covers for Marvel’s Symbiote Spider-Man mini-series. Alex’s co-creation with writer Gerry Conway, Tombstone, appeared in the academy-Award winning hit movie Into the Spider-Verse! Also, the Eisner Award-nominated graphic novel Feast of the Seven Fishes by Robert Tinnell and Alex Saviuk is now a major motion picture directed and produced by writer Robert Tinnell and opened in mid-November 2019 to glowing reviews as a top ten holiday movie to watch! The book itself is still available online on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, among others!

Joe Staton has been drawing comics since he started working for Charlton Comics in 1971, where he co-created E-Man and Michael Mauser. Though the bulk of his work has been for DC Comics, at last count, Staton has worked for at least 30 publishers and 100 different editors. Among his many comics credits are Action Comics, Green Lantern, The Legion, Classics Illustrated, and various incarnations of Batman. During his time on Green Lantern, he co-created several GLs, including Kilowog, Arisia, and Salakk. He also designed GL Guy Gardner’s “bad boy” look. More recently, with his writer-wife Hilarie, he produces medical comics such as Pete Learns All About Crohn’s and Colitis and Amy Goes Gluten-Free. In 1998, he received the Eisner Award for his work on World’s Finest: The Superman-Batman Adventures. He penciled over 100 issues of the Cartoon Network’s Scooby Doo comic. He illustrated a graphic novel adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Anthem for NAL and a graphic biography of Ronald Reagan. Since 2011, working with writer Mike Curtis, Joe has been the regular artist for the long-running Dick Tracy newspaper strip (available online at www.gocomics.com/dicktracy). Dick Tracy received Harvey Awards in 2013, 2014, and 2015 for Best Syndicated Strip or Feature.

“That’s an absolute ton of comics history among those 6 creators,” said Marc Nathan, show promoter for the Baltimore Comic-Con. “Each of them has spent many years in the industry, and they have all worked on some of the greatest titles ever released. Get in line early, fans!”

Visit baltimorecomiccon.com/tickets for more information and to purchase your advanced tickets!

In the coming weeks, look for more announcements from the Baltimore Comic-Con. We are looking forward to highlighting our guests, the Ringo Awards, industry exclusives, and programming. The latest developments can always be found on our websiteTwitterInstagram, and Facebook pages.

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