Home Animation Keiser Super Con is the 1st annual convention at Keiser University Orlando!

Keiser Super Con is the 1st annual convention at Keiser University Orlando!


Keiser Super Con is the first annual comic/cosplay/fandom/pop-culture convention hosted at the Keiser University Campus in Orlando, Florida.

Attendees of Keiser Super Con Issue #2 will engage in and celebrate the culture associated with video games, comic books, science fiction, literature, board games, various fandoms, and all things pop-culture.  Proceeds from the event will go to benefit the Northern and Central Florida Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (https://www.lls.org/northern-central-florida)

We have a wonderful special guest list so far, and we are still adding more:

            Pikabellechu (Professional Cosplay/Pikachu Fanatic/Crazy Pokemon Lady)

            Athena Finger (Artist/Batman Historian)

            Rick Stafford/The True Aquaman (Professional Cosplay)

            Gotham Underground (Professional Cosplay)

            Elizabeth Schechter (Science Fiction/Fantasy Author)

            501st The Florida Garrison (Storm Troopers Cosplay)

            Joe Fauvel (Writer/Illustrator Cry Comics)

            Stephen O’Pry (Writer Zombiearth Book)

            Maureen Orkwis (Writer Murder Con)

            Full Steam Ahead Cosplay and Productinos (Steampunk)

            The Legend of the Traveling Tardis (Radio Show)

            Dylan Guarisco (Actor, Voice Performer, Cosplayer)

            Jeff Balke Studios (Comic Artist, Animator)

            Heroes Asylum (Podcast)

            Anime Cars of the World (Car Show)

            Guardians of Justice (Hero Cosplayers)

            Mr. AnderSin (Comic Creator, Indie Comics Supporter)

            Gateway Orlando Arts (Promoting Community Chalk Art Festival)

            MZ Cosplay and Workshop (cosplayer, prop maker)

The Keiser University Campus in Orland has free ample parking.  There will be a charity raffle with some awesome prizes.

Panel Sessions include:  Painting Class with Athena Finger, Superhero Genesis:  Biohazards and Radiation, Dr. Horrible’s Blood and Skin Lab, Pokémon Care Center, Murder Mystery Escape Room, Superhero Workout, When Heroes Get Hurt:  Triage and Wound Care, Entrepreneurship 101, Cyber Security,  Steampunk 101, Heroes Vs. Villains Family Feud, and much more!

We also have a lot of fantastic vendors and Mix 105.1 joining us this year.

Tickets for the event are $5.00 for Adults and $2.00 for children 5 and under.  Check us out on Facebook and Instragram @Keisersupercon and on our website at https://forms.keiseruniversity.edu/keiser-super-con-issue-2/.

Do you have questions or are you interested in being a Special Guest, Vendor, Volunteer, or Panelist/Presenter?  You can contact us at info@keisersupercon.com.

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Joe Fauvel
Artist of CRY and a Jedi Master.