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25 years of planet comicon.

Planet Comicon 2024 Welcomes New Guests

PLANET COMICON KANSAS CITY 25TH Anniversary! March 8-10, 2024 Bartle Hall Three epic days of fandom from comics, film, TV, animation, gaming, and more! Planet Comicon...
Planet con kansas city 2020.

Guest Announcements + Cosplay Contests for PCKC 2024

PLANET COMICON KANSAS CITY | BARTLE HALL | MARCH 8-10, 2024 MERCHANDISE TICKETS PLANET COMICON KANSAS CITY 25TH Anniversary! Three epic days of fandom from comics, film, TV,...

Experience Star Wars Celebration 2022 from Home

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022 will be held May 26-29, 2022, and StarWars.com will be your virtual command center to experience almost everything from home. Here’s...

Star Wars Celebration Panel Schedule Is Live

Stay on target…to plan your Star Wars Celebration Anaheim strategy. Today, StarWars.com proudly presents the Celebration Anaheim schedule for the Celebration, Galaxy, and Twin Suns stages, featuring panels,...

Star Wars Celebration 2022 Announces First Guests

This is madness! Ahead of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim this May, StarWars.com is excited to announce the first of many talented guests who will appear at the...

Ian McDiarmid Appears at Washington State Summer Con 2022

He goes by many names... Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sidious, Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, the first Emperor of the Galactic Empire, or the...

Star Wars Celebration 2019 Adds Emperor Palpatine & More

Ian McDiarmid, the actor who unforgettably played the galactic mastermind behind the rise of the Empire, transforming from the manipulative, scheming senator from Naboo...

Star Wars Actors Align for Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018

Press Release: The Force is Strong with the Silicon Valley Comic Con lineup. We are thrilled to be joined by so many iconic STAR WARS...

Stars of the Saga Join Star Wars Celebration 2017

Stars of the Saga Ian McDiarmid and Jeremy Bulloch Join the Lineup Felicity Jones leads a galaxy of talent scheduled to appear at the Star Wars Celebration...