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CA – Dark Horse Day Signings | July 10th


Promotional poster for Dark Horse Comics Day featuring "Barfly" and "The Writer" with images of creators Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, Ryan Browne, Josh Gad, Ben Berkowitz, and Max Berkowitz. Event details included.

Join us for Dark Horse Day at Golden Apple on Wednesday July 10th from 11am to 1pm to celebrate the releases of two new series. We are hosting an epic in-store signing with the creators that you don’t want to miss.

Get free autographs from the creators of Barfly (From the World of Minor Threats) issue one with creators Patton Oswalt his writing partner in crime Jordan Blum and the series artist Ryan Browne. This is the newest Dark Horse Comics spinoff comic series from the ever-expanding world of Minor Threats co-created by Patton and Jordan. Artist Ryan Browne, well-known for his work on Eight Billion Genies, God Hates Astronauts and Curse Words, brings his A-Game to the world of Minor Threats.
Also signing will be the creators of The Writer issue one, actor and author Josh Gad teams up with tv producers, Ben and Max Berkowitz, for a new tale of folklore and magic.

All comics will be available by 11am when we open for business that day. Must buy Minor Threats and/or The Writer comics at Golden Apple to get in line for autographs from creators for each series.

*Please be advised that any non-comic related merchandise is up to the creators to sign or not. They are coming to promote their new comic book series, not movies or television shows. Also, sketches are at the discretion of the artist and may be subject to a fee.

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