Home Comic Books Ben Dunn Appears at Dallas Comic Show on Aug 24-25th

Ben Dunn Appears at Dallas Comic Show on Aug 24-25th


Promotional poster for Dallas Comic Show Fantasy Festival on August 24-25, 2024, featuring Ben Dunn, creator of Warrior Nun, Ninja High School, and Marvel Mangaverse, with various comic book images.

Meet Ben Dunn at DALLAS COMIC SHOW’s “Fantasy Festival” this August 24-25, 2024!

He’s been called “The Godfather of American Manga”, and for good reason. Ben Dunn introduced the world to NINJA HIGH SCHOOL in 1987, also launching his comic book imprint Antarctic Press. In the years that followed, Ben created such titles as THE AGENTS, MANGAZINE, HEAVEN SENT and the very popular WARRIOR NUN AREALA, which led to a hit WARRIOR NUN series on Netflix. In addition to that, Dunn created the MARVEL MANGAVERSE which re-imagined the iconic Marvel superheroes in a Manga style. In the past year or so, Ben has started making new comics with some very classic characters, including a revival of JUNGLE COMICS, EXCITING COMICS, HORROR COMICS and PLANET COMICS. We always love having Mr. Dunn join us, and it’s especially great now since he’s released so many cool new titles. Be sure to stop by his table and say hi at DALLAS COMIC SHOW August 24-25, 2024!

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