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Artists From Around the World Appear at Wicked Comic Con 2023

Wicked Comic Con is back and bigger than ever! On April 22-23, 2023, comic book enthusiasts and fans from around the world will gather at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA for a two-day extravaganza celebrating the art, culture, and community of comic books. One of the highlights of Wicked Comic Con 2023 will be the presence of a diverse and talented group of international comic creators, showcasing their unique styles and stories.
The organizers of Wicked Comic Con are thrilled to welcome such an impressive lineup of international comic creators to this year’s event. These talented artists and writers hail from different countries, bringing a rich diversity of perspectives and artistic influences to the convention. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet these creators up close, learn about their creative processes, and even get their hands on exclusive artwork and merchandise.
In addition to the presence of international comic creators, Wicked Comic Con 2023 will also feature a wide range of other activities and attractions, including cosplay contests and vendor booths offering an array of comic book merchandise.
Tickets for Wicked Comic Con 2023 are available for purchase on the event’s official website, with options for single-day and two-day passes. Fans are encouraged to grab their tickets early to secure their spots and not miss the chance to meet these incredible international comic creators in person.
For more information about Wicked Comic Con 2023, including the full list of featured international comic creators and the event schedule, visit the official website at wickedcomiccon.com.

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