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The Thing Reunion at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2023


Winter Storm Elliot is bearing down on millions of Americans brining real-life horror like Arctic air, rain, flash freezes, icy roads, cancelled flights and generally terrible weather. Please keep yourselves, your family and your pets warm and safe.

After all, Man is the warmest place to hide.

We can’t think of a better time to remind you all that 2022 also brings another icy vision of terror: The 40th anniversary of John Carpenter’s THE THING. That’s why we’re announcing that these five guests will join director John Carpenter at TFW this May 26-28, 2023 directly from Outpost 31!


Thomas Waits as Windows: Also starred in The Warriors, And Justice for All, Money Train, Target, Oz.


Joel Polis as Fuchs: FIRST EVER TFW APPEARANCE Also starred in My Blue Heaven, Serial Killer and more. He has appeared in numerous TV shows including Cheers, Alien Nation, Northern Exposure, Star Trek: Voyager, Roseanne, Seinfeld, Chicago Hope, Boston Legal, and CSI.


David Clennon as Palmer: FIRST EVER TFW APPEARANCE Also known for Helter Skelter, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains, Star 80, Thirtysomething, He’s My Girl, Matinee


Richard Masur as Clark: FIRST EVER TFW APPEARANCE Also known for One Day at a Time, Risky Business, Nightmares, The Burning Bed, My Science Project, The Believers, License to Drive, Stephen King’s IT (1990), My Girl, Encino Man, Blood In, Blood Out


Keith David as Childs: Also known for Platoon, They Live, The Quick and the Dead, Gargoyles (voice of Goliath & others), Community, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn (voice of Spawn), Armageddon, Crash, The Princess and the Frog, Men at Work, There’s Something about Mary, Requiem for a Dream, Coraline, Cloud Atlas, Nope, Rick and Morty

For a complete list of guests appearing, visit our Guests page.

Tickets for TFW 2023 are available now here.

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