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Panels Announced for Comic Art Live


On the weekend of November 14-15, 2020, Comic Art Fans will host our second Comic Art LIVE Virtual Comic Art Convention. More than 20,000 comic art collectors attended the first show in May and we expect even larger crowds for our latest show with even more comic art for sale! We’ve asked all exhibitors to bring new art to market or price their artwork to sell!

Comic Art LIVE is FREE TO ATTEND and will open to online visitors at 1pm EST on Saturday, November 14th and close at 10PM EST on Sunday, November 15th. We’ve extended our Sunday hours to give Attendees more time to shop on Sunday due to the second art drop by exhibitors on Sunday. Exhibitors are allowed to show up to 24 artworks when the show opens on Saturday, and add up to another 24 artworks on Sunday.

Premium Members of CAF are eligible to have a Booth at the show to market their art for sale. If you would like to be an Exhibitor, you can begin the Booth Setup process from your CAF Gallery Management page. There is a box at the top of the page that you CANNOT MISS! If you are not a premium member click here for more information on our annual memberships, or click here if you are interested in purchasing a 3-month membership.

Premium Members of CAF will have 2 HOURS EARLY ACCESS to Comic Art LIVE beginning at 11AM EST on Saturday November 14th, allowing them to purchase artwork or get on commission/sketch lists 2 hours prior to the general public! Comic Art LIVE will be hosted on ComicArtFans.com once again and will have separate virtual Exhibit Halls for Original Comic Art DealersCollectors who are selling artwork, and Artists. An Online Preview of Exhibitors is already available.

If you like to watch Panels we’ve got you covered as well! The full schedule is still being finalized, but we’re able to announce these today:

2PM EST – Mike McKone
4PM EST – Tradd Moore
5PM EST – Felix Lu & Bill Cox
6PM EST – Sanya Anwar

1PM EST – Anthony Snyder
2PM EST – Walt Simonson interviewed by Scott Dunbier
3PM EST – Matt Wagner

Panels will be scheduled early next week on YouTube to allow you to set up reminders for the panels you want to attend. We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you never miss a panel of future broadcast! Panels are 100% live allowing you to interact and ask questions. We are waiting to hear back from a few Artists and Dealers to complete the schedule. First come first served. If you might be interested in hosting a panel during the show please send me an email and I’ll see what we can work out.

If you are interested in Exhibiting or would like to attend Comic Art Live feel free to CONTACT ME for more information or to answer questions.