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Clerks Reunion at Pop-Mania Con


Please join us in welcoming BRIAN O’HALLORAN, JASON MEWES and JEFF ANDERSON for the CLERKS REUNION with us on the weekend of JUNE 5-7 at POP-MANIA CON in Cherry Hill, NJ!

We are THRILLED to announce that BRIAN O’HALLORAN will be joining both JASON MEWES and JEFF ANDERSON at the show for an exciting CLERKS REUNION!

BRIAN is best known by pop culture fans for his roles as DANTE HICKS in the Kevin Smith “View Askewniverse.” Series of films. BRIAN first appeared as RANDAL the video store clerk in Kevin Smith’s first independent film, 1994’s black and white comedy CLERKS. The film is considered a landmark in independent filmmaking and, in 2019, was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, who deemed it “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

BRIAN returned to reprise the role of DANTE HICKS in Kevin Smith’s very popular JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK, the 2001 comedy. BRIAN again reprised the role in the 2006 direct sequel CLERKS II. CLERKS II picks up with the original characters ten years after the first film.

In 1995 BRIAN returned to work with Kevin Smith in the role of GILL HICKS in the hit comedy MALLRATS. BRIAN also starred EXECUTIVE JIM HICKS in Kevin’s 1997 film CHASING AMY and two years later played the role of GRANT HICKS in 1999’s DOGMA. BRIAN also voiced the role of DANTE HICKS in 2000’s animated series CLERKS: THE ANIMATED SERIES. Most recently BRIAN reprised the roles of both DANTE HICKS and GRANT HICKS in 2019’s JAY AND SILENT BOB’S REBOOT. BRIAN is also scheduled to play DANTE again in the upcoming CLERKS III film later this year.

BRIAN has also starred in a number of other film roles including VULGAR, BRUTAL MASSACRE, THE JUNIOR DEFENDERS, THE HAPPENING and many others.

Don’t miss your chance to meet BRIAN O’HALLORAN at the show! Tickets are NOW AVAILABLE! Order yours today and join us for POP-MANIA CON!

Ticket webpage https://purchase.growtix.com/eh/POP_MANIA_2020

Wolf Studios will be handling all of the professional photo ops at this show. You can order your photo op with BRIAN O’HALLORAN by visiting the Photo Op link below:


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