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Little Giant Comics Old School Comic Show (April 2020)


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Little Giant Comics Old School Comic Show
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About This Convention
The Little Giant Comics Old School Comic Show was born out of necessity. As a comic book collector I wanted to recreate the old school Comic Shows I remember, with nothing but COMIC BOOKS, ORIGINAL COMIC ART & COMIC BOOK ARTISTS. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Pop Culture Con just like the rest of us but this is something different, this is something special, something LEGENDARY that you will not soon forget!
This will be our 3rd year! This show brings in select artists and vendors by invitation and I have invited the BEST of the BEST! Plus, the show is held on my 50th Birthday!!!
The venue is filled with people I have either met and really admire or people I have done business with in the past and greatly respect! AND, I have only invited people with great attitudes, therefore…..FUN IS GUARANTEED!
Listed below is the 20,000 sq.ft. Everett Arena floor in all it’s glory!!

If you are a collector of COMIC BOOKS, ORIGINAL ART & ARTISTS then THIS IS YOUR SHOW!!! BOOM!!

David Finch
Meredith Finch
Allen Milgrom
Allen Bellman
Vic Carrabotta
Mike Royer
Chris Campana
Elias Chatzoudis
Ryan Kincaid
Matthew DiMasi
Alex Cormack
Bob Sharen
Craig Yoe
Joe St.Pierre
Steve Borock – CBCS
Kyle Willis
Joseph Schmalke
Rich Woodall
Ron Leary Jr..
Dylan Andrews
Rich Wentworth
Tim Estiloz
Mike Doherty
Greg Moutafis
Gary Henderson – Pyramid Knights
Lenwood Brown III
Ryan Santos
Keith Gleason – Mighty Mascots
Mary Dumas – Just Yaoi Comics
Mitchell Comics (In memory of Michael Mitchell)
Damon Goss
Jay Kennedy
Barney Smith – Story Comics
David LeBlanc – Abstract Abstraction
Greg “Inky” Charland
Susan Cicconi (The Restoration Lab)
Tobias Codakhrome

Superworld Comics
Nerdy_Girl Comics
James Payette Rare Comics
CBCS & President Steve Borock
ZAPP! Comics
Dave & Adams Comics
Terry’s Comics
Anthony’s Comic Book Art
Unknown Comics
Absolute Comics & Statues
Mike Carbonaro – Big Apple
Fiol Family Comics
JAMM Comics
Dylan Universe Comics
Little Giant Comics
Shattered Comics
Standup Comix
Sensational Comics
Mike’s Evil Deeds Comics
Bop City Comics
Bedrock Comics
Chris’s Comics
Harrisons Comics
Nick’s Comic Strip
Comically Speaking
Amazing Comics
Bobby’s Retro World – Comics & Toys
Finar Comics
Codakhrome Comic Shop – Unique comic art
Collectibles Unlimited
Modern Bard Comics
Oignuc’s Comics
Enterprize Comics
Pop Culture Comics
Professor Dave’s Comics
Toymongers – Vintage Toys & Comics
Millerstration Comics & Collectibles
RG Universe Comics
Comic Collision
Larry’s Pressing Issues & Comics
UpDog Comics
Bob Stevenson – Comics and Magazines
Comic X-Plosion
Giacarla’s Comics
Green Mountain Comics
Wonder Cards & Comics
Susan Cicconi – The Restoration Lab
Teddy C. Hanes – Stellar Comics Group

We regret to inform you that you will not find Wrestlers, Sports Stars, Movie Stars, Root Beer, Clowns, Pirates, Light-Sabre Training, Beef Jerky, Brownies, Puppets or the guy selling vinyl siding as part of our vendor line up. There are plenty of shows for that, this isn’t one of them.
*** There are a small amount of GOLDEN TICKETS made available for the Holidays next week on the website. (GOLDEN TICKETS get you front of the line access and general admission)
*** VIP packages will be made available in January 2020 on the website.

Venue Name and Address
Everett Arena
15 Loudon rd.
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
United States
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Comic Books
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ARTISTS: David Finch, Meredith Finch, Allen Milgrom, Allen Bellman, Vic Carrabotta, Mike Royer, Chris Campana, Elias Chatzoudis, Ryan Kincaid, Matthew DiMasi, Alex Cormack, Bob Sharen, Craig Yoe, Joe St.Pierre, Steve Borock – CBCS, Kyle Willis, Joseph Schmalke, Rich Woodall, Ron Leary Jr., Dylan Andrews, Rich Wentworth, Tim Estiloz, Mike Doherty, Greg Moutafis, Gary Henderson – Pyramid Knights, Lenwood Brown III, Ryan Santos, Keith Gleason – Mighty Mascots, Mary Dumas – Just Yaoi Comics, Mitchell Comics (In memory of Michael Mitchell), Damon Goss, Jay Kennedy, Barney Smith – Story Comics, David LeBlanc – Abstract Abstraction, Greg “Inky” Charland, Susan Cicconi (The Restoration Lab), Tobias Codakhrome WORLD CLASS VENDORS: Superworld Comics, Nerdy_Girl Comics, James Payette Rare Comics, ComicLink, CBCS & President Steve Borock, CGC, ZAPP! Comics, Dave & Adams Comics, SHORTBOXED, Terry’s Comics, Anthony’s Comic Book Art, Unknown Comics, Absolute Comics & Statues, Mike Carbonaro – Big Apple, Fiol Family Comics, JAM Comics, Dylan Universe Comics, Little Giant Comics, Shattered Comics, Standup Comix, Sensational Comics, Mike’s Evil Deeds Comics, Bop City Comics, Bedrock Comics, Chris’s Comics, Harrisons Comics, Nick’s Comic Strip, Comically Speaking, Amazing Comics, Bobby’s Retro World – Comics & Toys, Finar Comics, Codakhrome Comic Shop – Unique Comic Art, Collectibles Unlimited, Modern Bard Comics, Oignuc’s Comics, Enterprize Comics, Pop Culture Comics, Professor Dave’s Comics, Toymongers – Vintage Toys & Comics, Millerstration Comics & Collectibles, RG Universe Comics, Comic Collision, Larry’s Pressing Issues & Comics, UpDog Comics, Bob Stevenson – Comics and Magazines, Comic X-Plosion, Giacarla’s Comics, Green Mountain Comics, Wonder Cards & Comics, Susan Cicconi – The Restoration Lab, Teddy C. Hanes-Stellar Comics Group