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SF – Get A Horse Screening + Q&A


Join Eric Goldberg, longtime Disney animator and supervising animator of 2D animation in Get A Horse!, as he discusses how he and his team captured the essence of the original Mickey shorts in this fun, nostalgic, and innovative Mickey adventure on Saturday, July 13th at 2 PM. In the 2013 Annie Award-winning Disney short Get A Horse!, audiences took a trip back in time to Walt Disney’s earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons. Animated in a 1920s-era black and white style and complete with original sound clips—including Walt Disney providing the voice of Mickey—the short appears to have been salvaged from the forgotten recesses of the Disney archives. That is, until Mickey suddenly falls through the screen to find himself not only in color, but in 3D.

Walt Disney Family Museum
104 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94129