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NYC – Assassin Nation #1 Signing


Artist Erica HendersonΒ (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Jughead) appears at Midtown Comics Downtown on Wednesday, March 20th at 7 PM to celebrate the release of Assassin Nation #1 from Image Comics! This is an open signing and we recommend showing up early, just to be safe. Purchase of Assassin Nation #1 required. Limit 3 items signed per attendee.

Assassin Nation #1:

The World’s Former Greatest Hitman hires the 20 best assassins in the world to be his bodyguards. These mean-as-hell hired guns and murderers must work together to keep the new crime boss safe while attempting to solve the mystery of who’s trying to off him.
With the same laugh-until-you-cry spirit of action-comedies like Hot Fuzz, Tropic Thunder, and Deadpool, Kyle Starks and Erica Henderson present Assassin Nation.

  • There will be a CGC representative to grade books signed at this event. Any previously signed books are not eligible for this service.
  • Cost of CGC is $10 + the CGC grading fee (This does not include the cost of purchasing the books)
  • CGC books will be shipped to CGC offices for grading and will take 17-35 days for them to return, in the CGC protective slab. This is determined based on which options are chosen for CGC grading and shipping.

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