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Mondo releases Jock’s Return of the Jedi Print 12/18!


Tomorrow, Mondo will sell their last poster of 2018 with the final entry of Jock’s incredible STAR WARS series celebrating the original trilogy!

“I Am a Jedi, Like My Father Before Me” timed-edition poster concludes Luke’s heroic journey from a hopeful adventurer to confident leader of the Rebellion and skillful Jedi. Set within the forest moon of Endor, Luke stands with his lightsaber at the ready as a Scout trooper races towards him on the iconic speeder bike. Like the other two in Jock’s series, this poster presents the viewer with an intimate and highly kinetic POV. Over the last two years Jock has done an absolutely stunning job showcasing Luke’s trials across the galaxy.

The poster is a 24”x36” Screenprinted Poster. TIMED EDITION available on Tuesday (12/18) at NOON (CT) through Friday (12/21) at 11:59 PM (CT). It is expected to ship by March 2019. Cost will be $60.

Click to buy here!

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