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North Texas Comic Book Show (July 2016)


North Texas Comic Book Show

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North Texas Comic Book Show – Dallas – July 9th
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The Dallas comic book show returns on July 9th with thousands and thousands of comics, toys, and collectibles. Special guests include:
Basil Gogos – The master of monsters whose painted cover art is legendary.
Doug Hazlewood – DC Comics inker on Superman and The Flash.
Carl Potts – former Executive Editor at Marvel Comics and artist on Punisher War Journal.
Larry Stroman – artist on Alien Legion, Tribe, and X-Factor.
Kerry Gammill – Superman artist.
Cosplay guests include Corcid Cosplay, Lana Cosplay, and DJ Veonix.
The show will take place at the Doubletree Hotel Dallas Market Center on July 9th from 9:30 am to 5 pm. Admission is just $10 and kids 11 and under get in free.
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Doubletree Hotel Dallas Market Center
2015 Market Center Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75207
United States
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Comic Books
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Basil Gogos, Carl Potts, Kerry Gammill, Doug Hazlewood, Larry Stroman, Corcid Cosplay, Lana Cosplay

July 9th Comic Book Show in Dallas