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Long Beach Comic Con 2011 Con Report!


On Halloween weekend, 2011, Long Beach Comic Con held it’s 3rd annual show. With the first year being a rousing success, and the 2nd year drawing in weaker crowds, I didn’t know what to expect. Would the drop in attendance continue, or would the show find its niche and thrive once more?

When I first arrived to the show, I noticed the sparse crowds and feared the worst. Luckily, my fears were assuaged, as the once small line suddenly grew massive closer to the opening of the show. Saturday was packed, with the show floor showcasing lots of merchandise, great artists ready to draw for fans at Artist Alley, and some celebrities scattered throughout the show floor.

With the show embracing the Halloween spirit, LBCC encouraged fans to dress up as their favorite comic heroes, and I saw a lot of people in costume. It was great to see young children coming with their parents and picking up some books.  Sunday wasn’t as bad of a decrease as I expected either, and my hopes for the show grew exponentially especially given the lack of people from last year’s show.

LBCC has found a niche targeting fans and families and encouraging some great cosplay during the Halloween weekend.
Martha, Phil, and Mike have put together a great show, and I look forward to seeing this show grow even more in the following years to come. And now, onto the photos!


Welcome to LBCC 2011!


Amanda Conner going right to work, drawing the new WW!


Jon Bogdanove, Gerry Conway, and Darwyn Cooke all signing and sketching for eager fans at the Hero Initiative!


David Finch drawing the Dark Knight!
Brandon Peterson drawing a gorgeous Gambit for a lucky fan.
Whilce Portacio drawing in Artist Alley!
J. Scott Campbell inking Mohawk Storm.
Mike McKone drawing Starfire at the Hero Initiative.
Phillip Tan inkwashing a beautiful Wonder Woman.
Deadpool artist and Blindside creator Marat Mychaels sketching commissions.


Long lines abound at Artist Alley!
Fans walking about the show floor buying new comics!
Kids playing in the back of the LBCC show floor. Perfect for families!
Team Unicorn strickes a pose!
And now, onto some of the awesome costumes I saw at LBCC!
Darth Maul and Darth Vader!
Wonder Twin powers activate!
Ghostbusters and Bob's Big Boy.
Wolvie and Wonder Woman.
Henchman 21
Female Loki.
Hot zombie chicks.
Female Punisher. Hot.
Awesome Nightmare in Christmas costumes.
Superman meets the Batman family.
Best costume of the show: Krypto.
Hope to see you at the 4th annual Long Beach Comic Con!
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