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ECCC 2011 Con Report


March 4th-6th marked the first time ever in it’s 9 year history that Emerald City Comic Con kicked off on a Friday. Although it was my first time at this show, I’ve been told wonderful things, about the myriad of artists that flooded artist alley, the mobs of fans trying to meet creators, and how this show was truly a “comic centric” type of con, and not bombarded with Hollywood studios. I am happy to report that all of those things were true. With one of the biggest artist alley’s I’ve seen, along with truly knowledgeable fans who lined up for commissions and autographs, Emerald City Comic Con is one of the best shows I’ve attended. It also doesn’t hurt that Seattle had gorgeous weather that weekend, and had plenty of great restaurants within walking distance to the convention center. Here’s a few photos from the show:

Welcome to ECCC!
DC Booth.
"Minions" getting ready to help artists and to control the flow of the show.
Cosplayers were rampant throughout the show.
A small portion of Artist Alley. Great guest list!
Frank Quitely signing for his legion of fans.
Steve Epting holding up one of the most infamous pages in recent history, the death of the Human Torch.
Erik Larsen drawing commissions.
Adam Hughes working on another one of his masterpieces.
Ed Brubaker and Brian Michael Bendis talking shop prior to their signing.
Jim Cheung sketching for fans. Huges lines all weekend long!
JG Jones drawing Wonder Woman.
Mark Brooks interacting with fans while working on commissions.
Eisner Award winning artist Skottie Young being interviewed at the show.
Bruce Timm drawing the Flaming C!
Aquaman, King of the 7 Seas!
Kid posing with some friendly cosplayers.
Taking a pitstop at the show.
Giant Ewok stalks the floor.
Does this remind anyone of Spaceballs?
Great Gambit costume!
Kaboom Studios and their huge booth at the front of the show.
Image booth had fans stopping by all weekend long.
The couple that cosplays together...
Huge group of cosplayers pose at the entrance to the show.
Old School.
Very cool Tron Legacy costume.
Wardrobe malfunction.
Come to ECCC next year! Comic fans won't be disappointed.
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