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CTN Animation Expo 2010!


CTN (Creative Talent Network) Animation Expo is an annual expo designed to celebrate as well as develop networks within the animation industry. With heavyweights such as Disney, Dreamworks Animation, and Sony Picture Animation, along with big name artists such as Peter De Seve, J. Scott Campbell, Tim Sale, Humberto Ramos, and Moebius in attendance, CTN was a great expo for fans as well as potential applicants in the animation field.

With panels showing the magic of some of the recent animated films, as well as watching artists draw live on stage, and even portfolio reviews, CTN is definitely a great show for those looking to break into the animation field. Here’s some photos from the show!

Prints and other artsy goodies for sale!
Fans getting to interact with artists was a definite highlight at CTN.
Artists J. Scott Campbell and Tim Sale share a table at the front of CTN.
The drawing stage with TVs hooked up so that people can watch artists work their magic!
Humberto Ramos working on a jam piece at CTN.
Tim Sale showing off his awesome Batman drawing.
A cowboy model poses for potential artists sketching away.
Wacom booth in the east hall of CTN.
Applicants line up for Disney.
Moebius interacts with his fans, giving some personal time to each fan.
Artist Sean "Cheeks" Galloway gives a portfolio review.
Come to CTN next year, rain or shine!

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