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LBCC 2010 Con Report!


Long Beach Comic Con held it’s 2nd annual convention at the Long Beach Convention Center on Halloween weekend this year. With the success of the inaugural show, I was a bit disappointed to see a smaller crowd this year. The show did have some strong guests, featuring fan favorites J. Scott Campbell, Amanda Conner, Tim Sale, and Mike Mignola. However, it seemed that Halloween weekend proved that it’s the kids and family aspect that drive people to come, and can really dictate the success of a show. The people that did attend had a wonderful time, meeting their favorite creators, buying some show exclusives, and enjoying the Halloween festivities with costumes galore.

Now onto some pictures from LBCC!

Yoda greets you at the front of the Long Beach Convention Center.
An enraged Hulk is in front of the ticket lines. BUY TICKETS!
Helpful representatives are standing by.
Welcome to LBCC!
Retailers set up shop for customers.
Wildstorm sets up in Artist Alley.
Mike Mignola sketches away at the show.
Josh Middleton draws X-23 for a fan while chatting up with people in line.
Ebas showing off one of his awesome prints.
Artist J. Scott Campbell draws for 3 lucky winners for the Hero Initiative.
Tim Sale drawing for a fan at the Hero Initiative on Saturday morning.
Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones quickly had a long line after announcing he was sketching at the Boom Studios' booth.
Stan "The Man" Lee greets colorist Nei Ruffino on Sunday afternoon.
Glenn and Duane from the Walking Dead signs for fans the day of the Walking Dead premiere!

And what’s a con without costumes? Thanks to Halloween, it was a treat to see some really awesome costumes. Here’s a few:

Justice League (and Pinhead Guy)!
It's me, Mario!
Your outfit is so breathable. I'm so jealous.
Gotta catch 'em all!
Girl: What's that? Pig Mask: Dude I'm not falling for that this time.
Princess Leia (now complete with chain)!
What good is Leia without a Jabba?
Antman: Let's pose honey. Wasp: I don't want to.... Antman: I SAID POSE! DO IT NOW!
Popular costume this year: Kick Ass and Hitgirl.
Schoolgirl and Zatanna. Nice.
Who you gonna call?
Hellboy visits Mike Mignola.
Yoda meets Kermit. There's a crossover here that should be delved into...
I lost my white mask, have you seen it?
Ultimate Spidey. Not bad.
HUGE Doctor Doom. I think he was on stilts.
Wanna see my chicken dance?
Man... my back hurts.
Funniest costume I saw at the show.
Best costume of the con. Period.
In honor of the Walking Dead, Zombie Big Boy.
Uhh... I think I'm gonna need a bigger gun.
Todd Nauck as Chuck!
Amanda Conner as Leela!
Amanda Conner's 2nd costume! Smell you later!

And who can forget the kids?

Kid Flash!
Kid Thor!
Kid Wolverine!
Kid Spiderman had too much fun....
Joe Benitez says come back next year... or else!
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