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Captain America 600 Out Today!


Captain America 600 comes out today, in an unprecedented move by Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics. This historic landmark issue will reflect on Cap’s legacy, Bucky’s role as Cap, as well as setting off what is sure to be a newsworthy event, Captain America: Reborn. Reborn, written by Ed Brubaker, and drawn by fan favorite Bryan Hitch, is quoted by Quesada as saying, “The original Captain America is finally coming back.”
Does this mean the return of Steve Rogers? Or is it actually a plot twist bringing back the original Captain America, Isaiah Bradley? Although wary of another publicity stunt to bring back Rogers in case of a movie, one can be said that stories have been written that successfully bring back heroes, such as Green Lantern Rebirth and Kevin Smith’s Green Arrow.

What do the readers think? Please post educated guesses, random conspiracy theories or manifestos below.