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CANADA – Mash Up Signing


Name: Francis Manapul, Agnes Garbowska

Superman/Batman #60
Superman/Batman #60

Date(s): May 20, 2009

Description: WEDNESDAY MAY 20TH 3-7 PM

PARADISE COMICS is happy to help celebrate the release of SUPERMAN/BATMAN #60
Written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson Art and cover by Francis Manapul

Rising star artist Francis Manapul joins Michael Green and Mike Johnson for a special 2-part story we could only call ‘Mash-Up’! When the going gets tough in the city of Gothamopolis, there’s only one thing to do: call in the Justice Titans to save the day! Wait, what? On sale May 20.

We are also hoping the latest and greatest stuff from Agnes Garbowska will be ready here’s a small sample

YOU, ME AND ZOMBIE stars Olive and her little Shih Tzu Otis. They wake up one morning to find their whole town over run with Zombies. The two of them want to try to find out what happened and want find a cure to make everyone all better. They set off on the adventure of a life time to find Olive’s father who is a scientist and can maybe help them. But the problem is Olive’s father has vanished and she has no idea where to find him.

The first release of You, Me, and Zombie will be issue 0. This issue takes place a few months after Olive and Otis discovered their town over run by zombies. They found a journal that holds clues to what might have caused everyone to get sick and turn into Zombies.

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