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Anime Expo 2011 Report


On July 1st-4th, 2011, the Los Angeles Convention Center played host to the 20th Anniversary of the Anime Expo. As always, from the minute I hit the floor, I was surrounded by the myriad of cosplayers that greet you in the main hall. As you enter the doors and on to the show floor, you’re greeted with tons of booth babes, more cosplayers, and anime related goodies for sale everywhere. I will say, it’s really refreshing to see people who really embrace anime come to the show and mingle with other fans. Too many times, we see a lot of people go to comic con only to see their favorite actor or actress, or to buy a limited edition product and rarely because they read comics or want to meet their favorite creators. Even if anime is not my genre, I always go just to appreciate the purity of the show and the fans that continue to make Anime Expo an enormous success year after year. And now, onto the pictures!


Enter if you dare!
Inside the doors.


The next best thing to being a Victoria's Secret angel.



Pocky booth!


Gundam booth.


Artist alley!



Fans waiting in line for anime voice actors.


Love is in the air?










Street Fighter!


Some people are just right at home...




Freakiest thing on sale at AX.





Best hair.




Cute bunny.





Taunt Button!


Block Heads.










Fans posing on the red carpet.







Not sure about this one...


I can fly!


Mortal Kombat!


Go down swinging.


Light show!








Oompa Loompa!




Wouldn't you want to be her?













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