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Anime Expo 2010 Part 1!


I will be the first to admit I know nearly nothing about anime. It’s a huge culture that seems to be growing leaps and bounds, but I’ve been firmly stuck in the comic book world. However, I had the opportunity to check out Anime Expo 2010 and while I didn’t go visit many of the exhibits, I did get to experience cosplay in a whole other level. Here are all the costumes that I managed to snag pictures of. Be warned, it’s a lot of pictures. Because there’s so many pictures (almost 200!), I will split this into 2 articles. The 2nd will be up tomorrow! Please comment which ones were your favorite!

The first costume I saw walking up to Anime Expo.
X-Men and Iron Man join forces in the front of the main hall.
Line for tickets.

Looking down from the escalators.

Beware dudes with signs.
Vic signing for the fans.

Artist Alley.
So smooth and shiny...
Craziest couple...


Kenshin, I believe.

What doesn't look right about this picture???
Darth Maul being mean.

Wolfpack of 5.
Even R2-D2 got in the act.

Singer draws a huge crowd.

Awesome gloves.

Best costume ever. The thing glowed on a camera flash. Amazing.
Show off.



Dude, I don't know. I'm just a statue.
I challenge Kobe to a duel!
I look so hot in those pose.


Anime Expo is a family event!
Come back for part 2!


    • My pleasure Brian. And yeah, that glowing costume was awesome. Never seen anything like that before.

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