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Important Critical Role Panel Reservation Details for RCCC 2023


Critical Role has had a massive impact on Rose City Comic Con 2023 and we are well aware that many of you are coming because they are guests of the show.

We want to ensure that all events around Critical Role are handled in a safe and organized fashion. By implementing a panel reservation system, we hope to mitigate unsafe conditions and make as many Critters happy as we safely can!

Panel reservations will open Thursday, September 7th at 7:00 PM PT.

While we expect reservations to be claimed very quickly, they will remain “open” until 7:00 PM PT on Wednesday, September 13th so that if anyone cancels their reservation, it can be reclaimed. Cancelled reservations are automatically re-added into inventory, so we encourage you to check back throughout the week.

A highly limited number of Standby tickets will be released on Thursday, September 14th at 7:00 PM PT. Standby tickets DO NOT GUARANTEE ENTRY into the Critical Role panel. There will be no unticketed Standby line onsite.

For complete details, instruction, and FAQs on how the panel reservation process will work, please click the link below. We encourage you to read through everything thoroughly to make sure you’re fully prepared!

Click here for further details.

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