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CBLDF Art Auction moves to Thursday, July 21st


Multiverses collide as the CBLDF Art Auction moves to Thursday and combines with the CBLDF Welcome Party. The new dual event will start at 8 pm Thursday, July 21st, at Westgate’s Terrace Under the Stars.

The staff at the Hilton Bayfront, our original venue, announced a strike Wednesday. We won’t cross a picket line and wouldn’t expect anyone else to do so, so we are combining our two events.

The event is free to members with a suggested donation for non-members. The event is open to all — you do not need a Con badge to attend!

A gallery of the pieces up for auction can be found here.

Can’t make it Thursday night? You can bid for the pieces online! To participate in the auction remotely, send your bid to auctions@cbldf.org with the following information:

phone number
item number
artist name(s)
HIGHEST donation you would be willing to bid

Don’t forget to put [AUCTION] in the subject line!

If the high bid on the auction floor is below your highest bid, your final bid will be 10% higher than the last highest bid on the floor up to the amount of your highest bid. All bids must be delivered to auctions@cbldf.org by 6:00 pm PACIFIC July 21 to be eligible. We will contact you immediately after the auction with any winning bids.

Thank you again for your understanding about the change in date — we appreciate your support!

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