Jim Carrey is Loki Trailer [Deepfake]


Here is my new video you guys and gals voted on for this week where I made our beloved Jim Carrey into the one and only Loki, which seemed to be a great idea with the incoming series coming on June 9th. I hope you all enjoy the deepfake trailer I’ve edited and deepfaked here and if you enjoy the content you already know what to do like, comment and subscribe for much more content coming soon!


We all know and love THE MASK (the movie) – the wooden mask which enables people to become THE MASK. In the movie, this simple wooden mask is created in the 4th century by Loki*, the adopted brother of Thor, in the northern lands of Europe, so it has Scandinavian origins. Loki is the Norse god of mischief, god of fire and a trickster god.

There are several theories why Loki created and sent the mask to Earth. The mask of Loki was created between 4th and 5th century AD. The most interesting of them says that he did that, because he wanted to cause disorder and chaos among the humans.

*The story above is based on the Marvel comics’ interpretation of Loki and Norse mythology.


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