They Flash Official Teaser Trailer


Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen is a student at Central City University who was struck by a bolt of lightning one fateful night, gaining the ability to think and move at incredible superhuman speeds. Using these powers, he became a superhero in Central City known as The Flash, fighting against criminals like Captain Boomerang while trying his best to keep a low profile in the process. He is also desperate to prove his father’s innocence for the grisly murder of his mother.

He was eventually discovered and subsequently monitored by supergenius Lex Luthor and was then later recruited by Bruce Wayne to be a member of the Justice League in order to help defend Earth after the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday.

Following his recruitment to the team, Flash played a pivotal role in the resurrection of Superman. With the team now fully assembled, Flash greatly contributed to the successful assault against the forces of General Steppenwolf of Apokolips, forcing the alien invasion to retreat from Earth. Afterwards, Barry was hired for a position at the Central City Police Department’s crime lab, much to his imprisoned father’s delight.

Later, he used the Speed Force to travel across the multiverse, and, at various points during his travels, met another version of himself and an alternate version of Batman, from different universes.

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