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Spooky Empire’s May show moved to August!


While we were very much looking forward to this crisis being past us and seeing you all at the end of May, it has, unfortunately, become obvious that we have to postpone Spooky Empire to a later date. Our priority is making sure everyone stays safe, and that includes not only our attendees, but our staff as well.

Thanks to the Wyndham, we have been able to move the event to AUGUST 14-16, 2020.

All pre-ordered tickets for May will be transferred automatically to our new dates in August.
Because we are just postponing, the tickets are currently non-refundable. However, IF you are not able to make those dates, you have a couple of options:
1. Tickets will not expire, they will be honored at our October event (October 30-Nov 1, 2020), you just need to bring your un-scanned tickets with you.
2. Tickets are also easily transferable. All you need to do is transfer them over via email or by printing them out.

Vendor and tattoo space will also be automatically transferred over to the new August dates. If you are not able to make these dates due to a conflict, please contact us and we’ll work with you individually. If you are able to make the new dates, then no contact is necessary at this time. Again, we’ll automatically transfer your space and deposits over to August.

If you have already made a reservation at the Wyndham, PLEASE hold off on doing anything with those until the Wyndham gives us further instructions. They are currently getting our event transferred and working on the new link for reservations. Calling before we have further instructions will just cause confusion with reservations today. We should have some detailed instructions on how to move your reservations in the next 24-48 hours. We’ll get that info out as soon as we have it.

We have already been working on moving our confirmed guests over to the new dates. We did have a few guests that we hadn’t even announced yet. A few have already confirmed the new dates. We will also continue to fill in the rest of the spots as we can. As we get confirmations we’ll begin updating the site.

We are ALL disappointed that it came to this. However, there were just too many factors working against us opening and the State of Florida “safe at home” dates are slowly encroaching towards the end of May.
👉Financially, it will be difficult for many to attend.
👉Travel may still be restricted, which would affect our attendees and celebrity guests.
👉We don’t know when the large group ban or the lock down in the state of Florida will be lifted.
👉The Wyndham is now shut down as of last week, and we are not sure when they will reopen.

Yes, we are aware there is a chance things could still change, and we will continue to stay on top of all updates regarding COVID-19. So postponing May’s show is just another way to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy so that we can return in the Fall with not ONE, but TWO amazing shows!

We promise when we return, it will be a Spooky Empire party you’ll never forget!

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