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NorthEast Comic Con 2020 to Proceed with Caution


Press Release:

In the wake of the cancellation of other fan events, we are pleased to announce that the NorthEast Comic Con & Collectibles Extravaganza will proceed as planned March 13-15 at the Boxboro Regency.

Hotel management says “We have increased our housekeeping staff to ensure the lobby, bathrooms, and other public areas are routinely disinfected and cleaned. We are placing additional hand sanitizing stations and hand sanitizer bottles around the hotel in high traffic areas. Any and all staff that are feeling under the weather have been instructed to stay home, no matter how small the symptom seems. As always, our food servers and kitchen staff wear proper gloves and use proper equipment when preparing food. We are being as vigilant as possible and have cleaning supplies on hand.”

We ask everyone to be considerate of others … if you are not feeling well, please stay home … if you are sick, please stay home and get well.

If you are not feeling well and need a refund, or exchange your tickets for our July or November show, please let us know and we’d be happy to accommodate.

We expect our event will be safe and comfortable, as we are not as crowded as many local concert venues or theaters, and we don’t have guests or exhibitors coming from outbreak zones, although a few have cancelled including Nicholas Brendon, John Davidson, Francois Clemmons and Will Murray.

So come for the fun, just be diligent and careful like if you were going to Walmart or the Mall … germs are everywhere.

We are hardy New England Nerds, and this is just another sci-fi bug trying to kill off society …. again … but if we are all wicked smaht, and considerate of each other, we will survive.

Please do not attend if you are not healthy … we don’t need your money as much as we need everyone living a good life.

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