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Anime Boston 2020 Announces Three New Guests


Press Release:

Voice Actors Robbie Daymond, Max Mittelman, and Ray Chase will be appearing at Anime Boston, the largest anime convention in New England, at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Mass, on April 10 through 12, 2020.

Robbie Daymond may be best known as the most prolific voice of Tuxedo Mask in VIZ’s dub of Sailor Moon & Sailor Moon Crystal. He’s also played several lead and fan-favorite roles such as: Mitsuki in Boruto, Ikoma in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Mumen Rider in One Punch Man, Joe Kido in Digimon Adventure tri., Chrollo in HxH, Ren Tsuruga in Skip Beat, Leon Lau in Last Hope, Izuminomkami in Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu, Gilthunder in Seven Deadly Sins, Ide in FLCL Progressive and voiced other shows such as: Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Naruto Shippuden, Occultic Nine, Baki, Tales of Zestiria the X, Cyborg 009, K: Return of Kings, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Sword Art Online 2, God Eater, TerraforMARS, Magi; the Adventures of Sinbad, Durararax2, Charlotte,  Lupin the 3rd, Aldnoah Zero, Your Lie in April, Glitter Force, Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals & more. There are also several other projects coming up that he can’t mention quite yet….

Although he is well known as Saitama in One-Punch Man, Max Mittelman has also given life to the hotheaded troublemaker with a heart of gold, Ryuji in Persona 5, the carefree and always hungry, Plagg in Miraculous Ladybug, and the lazy yet virtuous sin of sloth, King in Seven Deadly Sins.

Max’s other notable roles include: Leo, Gray, Kaden, Forrest, and Gordin in the Fire Emblem series, Harry Osborn in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Kousei in Your Lie in April, Luxu in Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Overflow in Ben 10, Zeke in Fallout 4, Meruem in Hunter x Hunter, Ritsu in Mob Psycho 100, Atsushi in Bungo Stray Dogs, Blur in Transformers, Jimmy Olsen in Justice League Action, Bobo in Elena of Avalor, Prince Farondis in World of Warcraft, Yunan in Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, Quarren in Star Wars: Battlefront, Inaho in Aldnoah.Zero, Konohamaru in Boruto, Jun in Sword Art Online II, Ein  in Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, Fidel in Star Ocean 5, Io in Gundam: Thunderbolt, Shigure in Tales of Berseria, Stone in Starcraft II, Logy in Atelier: Escha & Logy, Shijima in Durararax2, Soby in Doraemon, Rooker in Halo 5, and Panderghast in Skylanders.

Ray Chase is a voice actor who has attached himself to a great many video games and anime in a very short amount of time.  In the last few years, fans recognize him as the main character Noctis in Final Fantasy XV, Bruno Bucciarati in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Roy in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts, Artorius in Tales of Berseria,  Roy, Gaius, Alphonse, and Fernand in Fire Emblem Heroes, David Shield in My Hero Academia, Eve in Nier Automata, Mitsurugi in Soul Calibur VI, and his most celebrated role as the Subway Announcer in Persona 5.

His anime roles include Roswaal in Re:Zero, Keith Flick in B: The Beginning, Puri Puri Prisoner in One Punch Man, Yuu Otosaka in Charlotte, Yukiatsu in Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, Howzer in Seven Deadly Sins, as well as other roles in Attack on Titan, Your Name, Berserk, Mob Psycho 100, Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, Blue Exorcist, Fairy Tail, and may others!

Previously announced guests include Michelle Ruff, Brittney Karbowski, Maile Flanagan, GIRLFRIEND, Brittany Lauda, Matt Shipman, m-flo, Zach Aguilar, Abby Trott, Hiroyuki Imaishi, Hiromi Wakabayashi, Shigeto Koyama, and Minami Takahashi.

RSVP on Boston!

About Anime Boston: With over 25,000 attendees in 2019, Anime Boston is an annual three-day Japanese animation convention held in Boston, Mass. Anime Boston 2020 is scheduled for Friday, April 10th through Sunday, April 12th at the Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston Hotel. More information about Anime Boston can be found at www.animeboston.com.

About New England Anime Society, Inc.: The New England Anime Society was founded in 2001. Based in Massachusetts, The New England Anime Society, Inc. is parent organization of Anime Boston and is dedicated to furthering public education and understanding of the Japanese language and culture through visual and written media. More information about The New England Anime Society is available at www.neanime.org.

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