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Chicago Land Pop Up Pop Con (January 2020)


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Chicago Land Pop Up Pop Con
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It’s no mystery that this month is super slow for conventions. People like yourself spend most of the time looking out the window and just wishing there was a show going on to do. Well, we’re no different from you, and we hate looking at all those blank January weekends as well. So, we decided to just do something about it!
Announcing the first-ever Pop Up Pop Con, a short notice (and lower price) 1 day convention designed to get you out of those winter blues and into some winter greens (get it? The green means money. We want you to make money. Ah, you get it). It will be taking place on Sunday, January 26th at the Dupage Fairgrounds buildings 2/3 (across from Building 1 where the Dupage Comic Con takes place). Booths and artist tables are on sale now at https://mightyconshows.com/store, and because this is smaller than our usual Dupage we show we expect it to sell out fast, so don’t wait! Because of the shorter window, our advertising for this one will be big and quick, and we can’t wait to try out something new with all of you!
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Dupage Fairgrounds, 2015 Manchester Road
Wheaton, IL 60187
United States
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Pop Up Pop Con

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