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DC – The Fowl Twins Signing


Eoin Colfer signs The Fowl Twins on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 7 PM.

One week after their eleventh birthday, Artemis’ younger brothers, fraternal twins Myles and Beckett, are briefly left in the care of NANNI. They soon befriend a maverick troll who has crawled out of the fairy layer to Earth’s surface. He is being chased by a nobleman and a nun who hope to use the magical creature for personal gain. The chaotic pursuit is compounded by a fairy-in-training assigned to protect the troll. The boys and their new magical friend quickly escape, get kidnapped, buried, arrested, and (temporarily) killed. Throughout, they discover that the strongest bond is the one between twins—no matter how different they are. Readers new to Colfer’s books and fans of the original Artemis Fowl series will delight in the first installment of the new cycle of Fowl Adventures

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