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Voice Actor Neil Kaplan Joins CCR Ontario 2019


Press Release:

Got another great late addition for everybody, and another amazing reason to come to CCR this May. In just 17 days, voice actor Neil Kaplan is coming to CCR Ontario!

Neil’s resume includes voice acting roles like Emperor Zarkon in all 8 seasons of VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER. Henry Graves in the short film SUITS as a part of David Fincher’s recently debuted (adult) animated anthology series “Love, Death, and Robots”. In DESTINY 2 he was the primary antagonist, Dominus Ghaul….

If we stopped at just that he would already be an amazing guest to bring to Ontario, but we have more!!

Millions of video game players & fans around the world already know him for his captivating work in Blizzard’s massive hits STARCRAFT II and HEROES OF THE STORM as the roguish anti-hero, Tychus J. Findlay, as well as Lord of the Forest, Cenarius in WORLD OF WARCRAFT. He is adored by LEAGUE OF LEGENDS fans as the voice of space dragon Aurelian Sol. STAR WARS fans know him as any number of aliens, humans, droids and “others” such as Skadge, Governor Adlehard, Boss Ganne, Darth Bandon and Bendak Starkiller from the video games OLD REPUBLIC, UPRISING, BATTLEGROUNDS and KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC.

Anime fans loved Neil as Hawkmon on DIGIMON and continue to love to hate him as villainous Madara Uchiha on NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN. Among his numerous other anime credits, he was Iron Man’s chief nemesis on Marvel Anime’s IRON MAN, a council elder on BLADE and Magneto on MARVEL DISK WARS: THE AVENGERS.

His voice was heard for years on MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS. He was featured for the entire season voicing fan-favorite villain, Diabolico on POWER RANGERS: LIGHTSPEED RESCUE. And on POWER RANGERS: TIME FORCE he was Vernon Wells’ lovable henchman, Gluto.

Oh and not only that but he was also the voice to iconic hero Optimus Prime on time 2001’s original TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE.

For more information about Comic Con Revolution Ontario 2019 head over to our website: www.ComicConRevolution.com

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