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Murfreesboro Anime and Comic Kon (MACK) (March 2019)

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Murfreesboro Anime & Comic Kon (MACK) March 2 & 3 , 2019
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About This Convention
Murfreesboro Anime & Comic Kon ( MACK) is revamping , and we have HUGE changes!
We are MOVING! …across the street!. A newer , nicer hotel.
The Doubletree Hotel, 1850 Old Fort Parkway, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
DATE.. March 2 & 3 , 2019
New IMPROVED website….www.comiccityconventions.com
It is our 8th year at the show. We ALWAYS try to provide our Attendees with the BEST VALUE in Fandom!
FREE AUTOGRAPHS FROM OUR GUESTS…our Guests will sign ONE item you bring them FOR FREE! ( They will be SELLING items on their table as well)
INEXPENSIVE ADMISSION…10.00 a day or only 15.00 for BOTH days!
SUNDAY..MILITARY , POLICE, FIRE & RESCUE, DOCTORS, NURSES , TEACHERS ..AND THEIR FAMILIES GET IN FOR FREE! Thank you ALL for your Sacrifice and Service to our Community and our Nation! We Truly Appreciate it! ..also COLLEGE STUDENTS GET IN FREE SUNDAY TOO!

The Guest line up
( I feel ) is one of the BEST we have ever had!

He-Man , She-Ra , Bravestar , Ghostbusters , Blackstar Animator ..Robert Lamb

Dragon Ball ( Bojack, Syn Shenron) , Street Fighter ( Balrog) , Full Metal Alchemist ( Sig Curtis , Cray) , One Piece ( Dorry) , Fairy Tail ( Doll) , and 83 total projects including Lupin the Third, Mortal Kombat, Case Closed , More! ..Bob Carter

Batman , Moon Knight , Thor, Hellraiser, Swamp Thing, Tarzan ( over 100 total comic book credits!) Artist ..Bo Hampton

Allon Books Series ( 22 in all) Author , and writer of Bravestar series….Shawn Lamb

Avengers, The Gifted , Hunger Games Actress ( and Cosplay Expert) …Brianna Lamb

Dealer line up ( so Far)
1.Swords and Posters
Bladed Weapons from 10.00 to 100.00 , Movie Posters Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Godzilla, Star Wars, X-Files, Video Games( Zelda, Fallout, Mario) ,Anime ( Dragon Ball, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, More!)
2.Ben’s Comics
Thousands of bargain $1.00 comics!
3. Fantasy Dragon
Pop Culture & Anime focused Clocks, Figures, Umbrellas, Disney VHS, Vintage Wrestling Collectibles, DVDS, Figures, More!
4. Comic City
Key & First Appearance Comics( Gold, Silver & Modern) , 100’s of Autographs ( From John Wayne to the Avengers Cast! )
Large selection of Comic Books( Bronze , Silver & Modern)
6. Wizard’s Wagon
Gaming, Magic, Yu Gi Oh, Anime Items ( Toys, Apparel, More! )
7. Mike’s Comics
HUNDREDS of Rare , Hard to find Comics, and Collectibles!
Everything J-POP & Anime , T-shirts, Plushies, CDs, Stickers, Key Chains ..MORE!
Huge selection of Comics, Trades , Toys, MORE!
Amazing selection of Bargain Comics, Toys , etc.!

We have added a series of NEW events to our line-up. Since we have MORE room in the new hotel. We have a dedicated room for panels. Some of our CONFIRMED panels include:
BOB CLARKS calling BOJACK BINGO as one of Dragon Ball’s Deadliest Foes… PRIZE given out to the winner
Robert Lamb.. He Man/Animation Panel

COSTUME CONTEST …100.00 Merchandise Certificate for the winner to spend in the Dealer’s Room!

5000.00 Booth Raffle Giveaway on Sunday. ..we construct a booth FULL of Comics, Posters, Autographs, Toys, T-Shirts, DVDs, MORE…you receive a ticket at the door with your paid admission, the MATCHING numbered ticket goes into a box …when we hold the drawing on Sunday …one of our Guests will draw out a number from the box….if THAT number matches YOUR number….you win the entire 5000.00 prize booth….Don’t bring the Smart Car that day….BRING A TRUCK!!!

VIP PACKAGE ( VERY Limited.. ONLY 10 Attendees)..ONLY 50.00
The package includes:
Saturday Night Dinner with the Celebrity Guests
PLUS ..AT THE DINNER we are going to do an EXCLUSIVE Raffle for a 200.00 MERCHANDISE PRIZE ( Autographs, Comics, Toys, Posters, MORE!) JUST for the 10 VIP Members!
2 Day Pass to the show
100.00 Goodie Bag (FULL of Autographs, Comics, Posters, Toys, Cards, etc.)
GUARANTEED Front row seating to all the panels
FREE PASSES to Clarksville Comic & Anime Con April 27 & 28,2019
FREE PASSES to ALL THREE Atlanta Comic Conventions in the 2019 season ( March 31 & July 28 ( so far).
20 RAFFLE TICKETS to the 5000.00 Prize Drawing on Sunday..20 CHANCES TO WIN!

Venue Name and Address
Double Tree Hotel
1850 Old Fort Parkway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
United States
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Robert Lamb ( He Man , She Ra) , Bob Carter ( Dragon Ball , Street Fighter) , Bo Hampton ( Batman) , Shawn Lamb ( Allon Book Series)