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Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 Announces Programming Schedule


LBCE 2017

The folks at Long Beach Comic Expo have shared with us the programming schedule for their upcoming convention, taking place February 18-19. Read below or download a schedule grid in a pdf: LBCE_Program_WEB

Saturday, February 18 Program Schedule
11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
So You Want to Build an R2?
Did you know there’s a whole club of people dedicated to building R2-D2 and the other droids of Star Wars? Come learn the basics and see what it takes to build your own Astromech droid from folks that are building their own!

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.
Diversity in Comics
Diversity is a heated topic. What kind of trials and tribulations does one face as a minority comic artist? How has it helped? Has the climate improved or worsened over the years? In what way has humor been an important tool? Join this panel of incredible talents, including the renowned Robb Armstrong (Jump Start), Lonnie Millsap (Bacon), Yehudi Mercado (Hero Hotel) and additional surprise guests in a panel that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you with many laughs and a lot of hope.

1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m.
Virgin Galactic: LauncherOne
Small, affordable satellites are revolutionizing the way we explore space and study our home planet—but only if they can find an affordable, reliable way to launch into orbit. Virgin Galactic is developing LauncherOne, a new dedicated small-satellite launch vehicle. In design and construction in Long Beach, LauncherOne will be air-launched from a 747 and deliver satellites for space-based worldwide Internet, Earth observation, and asteroid hunting. LauncherOne is a 21st century rocket, taking advantage of new developments in 3D printing and composites. On this panel, hear directly from some of the rocket scientists and space salespeople who are making the small satellite revolution happen.

2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.
IDW Creators Unite
Sara Richard (My Little Pony, Jem & the Holograms), D.J. Kirkbride (Amelia Cole, Bigger Bang and Biggest Bang) and Livio Ramondelli (Transformers) talk about the similarities and differences between working on a creator owned book at IDW versus a licensed property. Q&A after, moderated by Erika Ishii from Geek & Sundry.

3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
The Intersection of Art & Science (& Engaging the Public)
There is no better place to watch the intersection of science and art than in comic books…and at NASA! David Delgado, the artist responsible for JPL’s interplanetary travel art, visualization scientist Robert Hurt and comic artists, Livio Ramondelli (Transformers), and Tony Harris (Starman, Ex Machina) get together to discuss how the artwork done for NASA has comic influences, and how space exploration (an integral part of comic books throughout history) and technology has been a big influence in the artwork that’s been done for comics.

4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
BTS: Superhero Superstars
Tony Harris (Starman, Ex Machina), Frank Tieri (Catwoman, Convergence: Justice League, Convergence: Suicide Squad), Mike Zeck (Captain America, Secret Wars, Punisher, Kraven’s Last Hunt, Spider-Man) and Mark Waid (Kingdome Come, Superman, Flash) discuss their behind-the-scenes experiences working on some of the highest profile comics that have come out of the Big Two! Q&A after!

5:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.
How to Win at Trivia Night
Over the past decade, pop culture trivia nights have exploded in popularity in bars, restaurants and performance venues nationwide. In this highly unique seminar for trivia lovers, glean insider pro tips from a professional trivia event producer/host on how to win at trivia night. Learn how to think like a trivia writer/host, discovering proven strategies for boosting your team’s score while edging out the competition. We’ll also discuss what separates a really good trivia night from a really bad one. Session ends with a series of laugh-filled trivia bouts.

6:00p.m. – 7:00p.m.
McDuffie Awards
The winners will be announced for the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity. The nominees represent diversity both through the characters in the books and through the creators behind them, all of whom are women and/or people of color. The awards are named for Dwayne McDuffie, whose long and incredible career in comics and animation was tragically cut short by his death in 2011. Not only did he leave behind a legacy of great comics, he was also a major champion of diversity in genre fiction, and his commitment to that cause has inspired a generation of creators and fans.

11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
Girl Scout Novelist Workshop
Closed Session for pre-registered Girl Scouts only.

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.
Follow Your Bliss: So You want to Work in Anime
So you want to work in Anime? Here’s your chance to find out from Japanese Manga artist Peach Momoko, Tokyopop-gone-mainstream superhero artist Amy Reeder, David Gallaher, the consulting editor for Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, and Fairy Tail for Kodansha and Bonnie Gordon, voice over actor for Street Fighter V. Find out how they broke in, what different careers are available, and what they wished someone had told them when they were just starting out. Tips and advice from the best! Moderated by RuthAnn Thompson who plays Bulma in the live action series DBZ: Light of Hope.

1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m.
Women on the Dark Side
Not all female artists/creators are about unicorns and glittery vampires and silly pseudo-bondage. Some women create truly dark and challenging art and content, with just enough humor and whimsy to counterbalance all that darkness. Whether it’s comic books, novels or art, these are the women who are creating content that connects with the deeper, darker side of all of us. Featuring Susan Lee, Megan Hutchison, Satine Phoenix and Laura Lee Bahr. Moderated by Barbra Dillon.

2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.
Nerd Up or Shut Up Live!
Tune into Legion of Leia’s own Nerd up or Shut up podcast. Join in on the conversation as you step into our next episode and chat and debate all things nerdy!

3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
#MakeComics: Think Inside the Box
This is for anybody with a great idea for a scene or character, but has a tough time filling out the rest of their story. Starting with theme, we will explain a basic structural anatomy of a story. We’ll dissect some famous examples from comics to make our point, and then give the audience some worksheets that they can take home to help turn their own ideas into full-fledged story outlines!

4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
GeekFest Film Fest
Sci-Fi Block
Featuring the City of Imperium Trailer, White Lily, The Island, Might, ReWrite and Plug!

5:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.
Big Scares, Indie Budget
Moderated by Ivonna Cadaver (Host of Macabre Theatre on YoutooAmerica), learn the tips and tricks on creating low budget horror effects for your indie films and web series and learn from professional indie film directors, actors and producers in the biz!

6:00p.m. – 7:00p.m.
GeekFest Film Fest Rated HorroR (R-Rated Content)
Featuring Pioneers of Fear, Death Metal, Phoenix Run, Born Again, and The Call
of Charlie!

the finaL
frontier (S4B)
11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
Geeks Got Your Back
Anti-harassment has become a hot topic within the geek community over the last several years. Whether it is anti-harassment policies or grassroots awareness (such as Cosplay is Not Consent), more and more geeks are looking for ways to make the geek community a better place for everyone. Come join us as we discuss ways in which we can all just be a little more excellent to each other.

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.
Awkward Conversations Live!
You’re cordially invited to get down and nerdy with Awkward Conversations. Revamped with an epic show of nerdy dirty fun! Games, Trivia, and awkward prizes! With Host Anastasia Washington and special guests Emalee Burditt, Maggie Olbrich, and Richard Sheehan of Nerd up or Shut up. Drink and be nerdy!

1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m.
Being a Plus Size Cosplayer
This panel will discuss tips and tricks on being a Plus Size Cosplayer. Panelists will discuss the positives and negatives of what it is like being a Plus Size Cosplayer in a community that tends to not accept them. Resources will be provided for costumes, and advice for bullying and harassment and how you can prosper from that. Cosplay is for everyone is the goal!

2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.
Cosplay Comedy
Cosplay Comedy is a unique stand-up show where comedians perform IN COSTUME & IN-CHARACTER! See your favorite heroes and villains say all the things you wish they’d say in the comics and movies. Featuring a lineup of Avengers, Justice Leaguers, Wizards, Hobbits and more!

3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
Gender Bending in Cosplay
This panel will discuss what gender bending cosplay means, materials that can be used and the pros and cons for gender bending cosplaying. Panelists will discuss and give advice on ways to create gender bending cosplays, speak about their personal experiences and will take and answer questions from the crowd.

4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
Dealing with Mental Health in Cosplay
This panel will discuss the issues surrounding mental health and how cosplaying helps in dealing with these issues. Discussions will be about depression, anxiety, OCD, personality disorder, phobias and how cosplaying helps with these types of mental health problems with a Q&A to follow.

5:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.
One Story Building
One Story Building is a comedic web series that follows Story Tolentino (Marie Watschke) as she figures out life, nerd culture, and her part-time job at a local comic book shop with her friends Yoyo (Palmira Muniz) and Michael Brazel (Lance Lowe). The creator (Donovan Vim Crony) and writers/cast of the web series will preview the series at the con as well as facilitate a Q&A and discussion. The discussion will focus on the queerness, comedy, and identity politics exhibited in the show as well as the real-life experiences of marginalized people in comic book and nerd culture.

6:00p.m. – 7:00p.m.
With nerd culture becoming more mainstream, its turning up in surprising places, including growing representation in burlesque shows internationally. Local burlesque performers and producers share insight on the “Nerdlesque” scene in Los Angeles and beyond, and how it embraces female fandom.

10:30a.m. – 11:30a.m.
#ConLife: How To Sell at Conventions
It’s incredibly expensive to exhibit at a show. Not only are there table fees involved, but you have to pay for products and marketing materials among many other expenses. Most creators go into their first exhibiting experience blind and end up losing a lot of money. Don’t let that happen to you. Join moderator Russell Nohelty (Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter) as he talks with a panel of experienced con veterans including Mike Wellman (Guns A’ Blazin’), Gwendolyn Dreyer (Monster Elementary), Madeleine Holly-Rosing (Boston Metaphysical Society) and Daniel De Sosa (Purrvana) as they give you their best tips to make money at conventions and make sure you are profitable from day one.

11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.
Penciling Techniques & Styles
Agnes Garbowska (My Little Pony), Tom Hodges (Star Wars), Steve Ellis (Iron Man, Green Lantern, Captain America) and Karl Altstaetter (Deity) give you tips and tricks to figuring out your own style and technique by talking about their own. A can’t miss panel with an open Q&A that just might lead to the breakthrough you’re looking for!

12:30p.m. – 1:30p.m.
Prop-Making Tips & Techniques with Evil Ted
Evil Ted, who’s worked in film and television for 30 years (5th Element, Star Trek Into Darkness, Walking
Dead, and many more), will be discussing prop making tips and techniques and behind the scenes stories.Q&A to follow.

1:30p.m. – 2:30p.m.
The Webcomics Advocates Present: The Webcomics Gathering
Join the Webcomics Advocates for a gathering of webcomics creators and fans. This is your chance to learn about creating webcomics, network with other artists, and maybe even pitch your webcomic idea in front of a room full of potential new readers!

2:30p.m. – 3:30p.m.
#MakeComics: America’s
Best Editors
You want to know about editing? You want to know what it means, and what it entails? Ask the experts: Shannon Denton, former DC Comics WildStorm editor and Comics & Animation Director for Alan Tudyk’s CON MAN. Matt Hawkins, President/COO of Top Cow since 1998, Matt has created and written over 30 new franchises for Top Cow and Image including Think Tank, The Tithe, Necromancer, VICE, Lady Pendragon, Aphrodite IX, Tales of Honor as well as handling the company’s business affairs. Vince Hernandez is a comic book creator, writer, editor and consultant for entertainment-related projects with 18+ years experience in the comic book industry, and collaborations with leading publishers including Aspen Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Entertainment, Image Comics, and Top Cow Productions.

3:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.
Fanbase Press Presents: Inclusivity in the Comic Book Medium
The comic book fanbase is a diverse landscape of readers, representing all genders, nationalities, ethnicities, sexual preferences, and ages. As the industry continues to evolve, so too should the diversity of its creators, characters, titles, and genres in order to better represent its fanbase. With Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon moderating, this panel will discuss the importance of inclusivity in the comic book medium and the ways in which panelists Yehudi Mercado (Hero Hotel, Rocket Salvage), Kit Steinkellner (Quince, Z: The Beginning of Everything), Emma Steinkellner (Quince, Xbox), Sebastian Kadlecik (Quince, Penguins vs. Possums), and Stefano Terry (The Gamma Gals) are making the greatest efforts to bring diversity and inclusivity to their work.

4:30p.m. – 5:30p.m.
Seeing the Hidden Universe: (Much) More Than Meets the Eye
When we look up at the sky, we only can perceive a tiny slice of the universe’s glow in what we call the “visible” spectrum of light. NASA has opened our eyes to so much more that is hidden from us, peering into the birthplaces and deathbeds of stars, the fantastic structures of interstellar space, and the whirling patterns of galaxies. Find out more about how we use the inner workings of human color perception to see the invisible wonders captured by space telescopes of the past, present, and future.

5:30p.m. – 6:30p.m.
Sneak Peek: Majestic Entertainment’s Upcoming Projects
A sneak peek and behind the scenes look at Majestic Entertainment’s upcoming and current projects. “Surviving Therapy” is an upcoming comedy webseries about two therapists and all the wacky patients that they treat. It stars Academy Award nominated actor Eric Roberts. “Office Terror,” is an award winning horror film about what happens late at night in a haunted office. Working too hard really can be deadly. “Pop Reality,” is a pop culture webseries that covers all the local Comic Conventions. Episode One features popular foam prop maker “Evil” Ted Smith. Episode Two features Flash Gordon himself Sam J. Jones. We will be screening and discussing footage from these projects. There will also be a t-shirt giveaway!

10:30a.m. – 11:30a.m.
Cosplay & Fan Films
Cosplay meets Fan Films in this panel with Actor/Writer/Cosplayer Colin K. Bass and Editor/Director/Cinematographer Sean C. Swanson. This Dynamic Duo has done everything from their own Original Web Series to Fan Films to Cosplay Music Videos. Join Colin and Sean as they show what they’ve created, find out what’s next, and ask any questions you might have about making your own short films.

11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.
Ismahawk/Minute Match-Ups Q&A, Meet & Greet, and Giveaway!
“Ismahawk”, the creators of projects like Nightwing: The series, Flash Vs Quicksilver, Deadpool V Deapool, and more will be at Long Beach Comic Expo to hang out with all of you!! Learn about our newest projects, see exclusive footage, and be apart of our trademark Q&A/ giveaways! Come meet, hang out, and take some pictures with the team, Danny Shepherd, Jeremy Le, Tony Smith, and Noel Schefflin!

12:30p.m. – 1:30p.m.
Action Lab Takes Action!
Join Action Lab President Dave Dwonch as he hosts a panel of his favorite (and available) Action Lab creators, Ray-Anthony “Midnight Tiger” Height, DeWayne “Aero Girl” Feenstra and David “Spencer & Locke” Pepose!

1:30p.m. – 2:30p.m.
Cinematic Storytelling in Comics: How to Make Your Comic Read Like a Movie
Award-nominated director/comicbook creator Stephan Franck (The Iron Giant, Despicable Me, Silver) introduces the visual principles of film language as they translate to comics. From composition and staging to editing, Franck presents visual tips and tricks useful to make the comic page feel cinematic, strengthening storytelling clarity, maximizing emotional impact, and making it accessible to the broadest audience possible.

2:30p.m. – 3:30p.m.
Dark Horse’s Slayer and Metalocalypse Comics Panel
Come to the blackest, most metal comic panel times infinity, as Jon Schnepp, writer of the Slayer and Metalocalypse comics from Dark Horse, comes to talk about his gory, blood-soaked pages of darkness and rock n’ roll clowns!!

3:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.
Le Geek So Chic: Next Level Nerd Fashion
This panel covers how geek fashion is an important expression on oneself, favorite fandoms, and goes beyond T-shirt dresses (which are still great!), as well as how geek fashion and cosplay crossover, and is for everyone- body positivity, all ages, all sizes, all genders, all inclusive. Featuring Lauren Matesic of Castle Corsetry and other featured designers and models of the Le Geek So Chic fashion show.

4:30p.m. – 5:30p.m.
Doctor Who Live
Doctor Who Live is a group of comedic actors that improvises a complete, 45-minute episode of “Doctor Who” with made-up, non-canon Doctors, companions, and enemies. The only thing we know before the show starts is who’s playing the Doctor and companion — that’s it! We begin by taking a suggestion from the audience to create a title that will inspire our fully improvised episode of “Doctor Who” – never before seen on TV or stage and never to be seen again!

6:30p.m. – 8:00p.m.
The Video Games
What if the fate of your favorite video game characters rested in your hands? Take control as they take the stage in THE VIDEO GAMES! A parody of the popular book/movie series The Hunger Games. The tributes participating in the Battle to the Death have been substituted for video game characters from all the popular video game franchises. Princess Zelda, Queen of The Console, is celebrating the 64th Annual Video Games and needs the audience’s assistance (through social media) to ensure that this year’s Games are bigger, badder, and bloodier than the year before! By voting for their favorite characters, the audience will to alter the course of events throughout the performance. It’s a different show every night as iconic pixelated heroes and villains, such as Donkey Kong, Lara Croft, the Master Chief, and more, compete to win the coveted title of Player One.

Thunderdome (Seaside ballroom)
11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
Krillin It LIVE
A LIVE Krillin It episode based off our popular podcast and show on Hyper RPG. The panel will debate Dragon Ball (Z and Super) with successful artists, voice actors, and comedians. We will have serious and comedic debate questions for the panelists and also open the floor to fans. A possible question might include “how much do you try to match the characterization of the Japanese VA compared to making the character your own?” or “What is the biggest change in fandom culture you’ve witnessed over the decades?”

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.
The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?
Come see some clips and meet the director and producer of the feature film documentary “The Death of ‘Superman Lives’; What Happened?”. Find out about the project that Kevin Smith wrote, anzd was to be directed by Tim Burton and star Nicolas Cage as the man of steel himself, Superman. Join director Jon Schnepp and producer Holly Payne as they share some footage from the doc and do a Q&A with you. Go to www.TDOSLWH.com to find out more.

1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m.
Ghostfacers Reunion
Supernatural’s Ghostfacers Harry, Ed, Kenny, Alan, Maggie and Ambyr are together again! Join AJ Buckley, Travis Wester, Austin Basis, Dustin Milligan, Brittany Ishibashi and Mircea Monroe for their first ever reunion panel as they discuss their cult-favorite characters from the CW’s hit show Supernatural!

2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.
Bat in the Sun’s
Super Power Beat Down
Join the cast and crew of Bat in the Sun’s hit, awarding winning web series, Super Power Beat Down! Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke, Shaun Piccinino, Orion Acaba, and Tatiana DeKhtyar will answer a Q and A, talk about their next episodes and show past episodes!!!

3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
CausePlay – Using Your New-Found Powers for Good
Join the crew of the Star Wars Steampunk Universe, as we explore combining two creative universes together, Star Wars and steampunk, to create one-of-a-kind mashups of your favorite characters. We will discuss how we go about creating our costumes, from coming up with ideas to inception, along with some of our favorite stories from our panelists about different charity events. Learn how you can get involved in your local communities through a fun and creative art form, cosplay!

4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
A Guide To Making Viral Videos
Jenny Lorenzo, Chris Lam, Leo Camacho, Christian Villanueva, Curly Velasquez will be discussing what it takes to create viral video content, knowing your target audience, tips and tricks to get more views on your content, engage with your audience, etc.

7:00p.m. – 8:30p.m.
LBCE Official Cosplay Competition Hosted by Nerds Like Us
Join us for one of the most celebrated aspects of the Long Beach Comic Con! Awards will be given for: Best Hero, Best Villain, Best Youth, Best Group, Funniest, Best Tv/Movie, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Judges’ Choice, and of course, Best in Show. Judges will be scoring for overall difficulty, creativity, accuracy(for recreation), and showmanship/character.

Knerds of the round table (seaside pre-funcTion)
10:30a.m. – 12:00p.m.
Kids Can Cosplay Panel & Workshop
Jay Holliday and his young colleagues Minibobafett, Lil Cupcake Pony and Axel Perales from Rogue Rebels educate on how to have the best experience with your kids in cosplay. Helpful hints and tips with some do’s, dont’s and bewares.

5:30p.m. – 7:30p.m.
Life Drawing with Pierre Bernard Jr.
Welcome to Cosplay Life Drawing, featuring models from the Gallery Girls! Hosted by graphic artist, Pierre Bernard Jr (Recliner of Rage) on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. This is an uninstructed event with empahasis on creativity and having fun. All skill levels are welcomed. Come with an open mind and curiosity and I’ll show you that you can draw! Admission is free for all attendees with a badge. Music and snacks provided, but please bring your own art supplies. (limited supplies on hand). Theme to be announced.

Sunday, February 19 Program Schedule
11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
Fascinating Fights:
The Live Interactive Show
The live version of the ESPN style panel show where a group of experts academically discusses who would win in a fight between two superheroes or pop culture icons. Dr. Michael Dennin – Superhero Scientist, Siike Donnelly – Comic Book Historian, Ben Siepser – Rocket Scientist, John Kreng – Martial Arts Expert and Daniel J. Glenn – Analytical Mastermind.

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.
Exploring the Science and Technology Behind Back to the Future
Time has shown that the predictive powers of the Back to the Future franchise were uncanny. Sure they pretty much envisioned the Cubs winning the World Series, but what about the technology? This panel looks into four of the technologies featured in BTTF: The time traveling DeLorean, Mr. Fusion, Hoverboards, and Doc Brown’s Wild West Ice Machine. We ask “Do these technologies exist, and if not, are they possible?” We explore these inquiries with the best panel imaginable: Dr. Michael Dennin – World Renowned Physicist, Ben Sieper – Rocket Scientist and Daniel J. Glenn – Analytical Mastermind.

1:00p.m. -2:00p.m.
Batman: The Animated Podcast
The very first special live recording of the hit audio show Batman: The Animated Podcast celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the show with a variety-show for the eyes n’ ears hosted by Justin Michael (actor on Netflix’s Buddy Thunderstruck and Seeso’s The UCB Show, Writer / Director of DC Collectibles’ recent Batman action figure commercials).

2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.
AGENTS OF COSPLAY: Costumes v. Cosplay
It’s a question that’s been argued since the dawn of cosplaying, what exactly is the term “cosplay”? Are you dressing up in costume to roleplay like acting or are you just simply dressing up to have fun? Hear from our panelists who are from both ends of the spectrum. Which side will you choose?!

3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
Nerd Event Madness: Club Comic Con, Nerds Like Us and more!
We will discuss the explosion of nerd-culture events; how to create a good one and how to market to your target audience for success. Audience will learn what it takes to execute a small or large scale event as well as what to look for when choosing what events to attend.

4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
Exploring Space in Cyberspace: How are Big Data Revolutionizing Astronomy
Computing and information technology are changing profoundly essentially every aspect of the modern society, science and scholarship included. Astronomy is a good example of a science that is being fundamentally changed in the era of the “bid data”. Large digital sky surveys are now generating Petabytes of data, measuring hundreds or thousands of properties for hundreds of millions or even billions of celestial sources – stars, galaxies, quasars, etc. This is enabling many new discoveries the simply would not be possible without such large and complex data sets, and the analytics tools needed to explore them, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and so on. We are seeing the rise of a new scientific methodology for the data-rich, computationally enabled science in the 21st century.

11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
GeekFest Film Fest Fantasy Block
Featuring The Spell Tutor 2.2, As They Continue to Fall, Knights of New Jersey, Legend, and Neil Stryker.

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.
GeekFest Film Fest Fan Films
Featuring The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story, Where No Jedi Has Gone Before, One PM, Arkham’s Journal, Committed, and Injustice For All.

1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m.
GeekFest Film Fest Action Packed!
Featuring The Adventures of Kentucky Jackson, The Hunted, The Legend of Mantamanji, Marauder, and Moonshot!

2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.
GeekFest Film Fest Sci-Fi Block 2!
Featuring the Heirloom: A Star Wars Story Trailer, IAmEve “Starman”, Steven Spielberg and the Return to Film School, and Darkwave!

3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
Meet the GeekFest Filmmakers Panel
Moderated by Ivonna Cadaver (Host of Macabre Theatre on YoutooAmerica), get to know the GeekFest Filmmakers and their films touring as part of the GeekFest Film Fest Comic Con Tour.

4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
Best of GeekFest and Awards
Moderated by Ivonna Cadaver (Host of Macabre Theatre on YoutooAmerica), see the Films “ Voted Best of “, by Long Beach Comic Expo Attendees and the Awards for Best of Fest!

10:30a.m. – 11:30a.m.
The Podcast Advocates Present: The Podcast Gathering
Join our experienced podcasting panelists as they focus on the ins and outs of creating a podcast, growing your audience, and networking with other podcasters. This is a great opportunity for podcast fans and performers to interact. Independent podcasters in the audience will also have a chance to pitch their podcasts to the room!

11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.
Beginning Cosplay Photography:
The Do’s and Don’ts
This panel will discuss tips and tricks on starting Cosplay Photography. Panelists will discuss the do’s and dont’s of Cosplay Photography such as setting up sets and backdrops, using lighting equipment, posing, advertisement, and post processing followed by a Q and A towards the end.

12:30p.m. – 1:30p.m.
How to Overcome Bullying in the Cosplay Community
This panel will discuss ways to overcome bullying in cosplay. From body shaming and harassment to cyber bullying and mental abuse. Discussion will include ways to overcome these issues with positivity, and will also discuss ways of handling bullying in the cosplay community when you see it occurring, and how you should speak up. Q&A to follow.

1:30p.m. – 2:30p.m.
Nerd Living
Anastasia Washington (Legion of Leia, Jet Set Nerds) and Stacy Renfroe (Knit hits the fan, Recording Studio Manager for Cartoon Network), Angelique Toschi-LaRue ( Digital Media Manager) of Nerds in LaLaLand teach you tips about incorporating geek into your everyday lives through crafts, cooking, and fashion along moderated by Nic LaRue ( Film Snobbery)

2:30p.m. – 3:30p.m.
Geeks in Tech
Get to know the CEOs of some of the most prominent geek-related tech companies coming out of Southern California. In this roundtable discussion, find out what’s it’s like to turn your passion into your work, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and more. How do you start a company? How do you create and launch an app? How can someone with a passion turn it into something that generates money? From digital comic books, subscription services, geek dating, enhanced e-books, and more, this will be an open forum, with plenty of time for questions from interested audience members.

3:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.
Special FX and Makeup in Cosplaying
This panel will be a discussion about special FX and makeup and how they are applied to cosplaying. We will cover areas on prosthetics, bruises, cuts and giving a cosplayer a battle-damaged look. Another area we will cover is basic makeup use and how to apply it for glamour shots or just every day. We will go over bodypainting and face painting for cosplay characters. We will also go over types of products used and end with a Q&A.

11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
Unmasking Comics: Buying and Selling in the Age of the Direct Market
Everyone loves comics, right? In an age where every blockbuster is a superhero movie, comics have hit peak saturation. But what do you know about how comics are published, bought, and sold? Whether you’re passionate about your local comic shop or you only read your comics digitally, we’ll tell you all about how we get comic books to you through shops, conventions, and the web. Moderated by Rosie Knight (Cougar and Cub, London’s Orbital Comics) with panelists Jazmine Joyner and Nestor Gomez (Riverside’s Visionary Comics), Kevin Bieber and Victor DeTroy (Man vs. Rock), and Nick Marino (Cougar and Cub, Holy F*ck).

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.
LINE Webtoon – Monetize YOUR Comics!
Making comics and you can too! LINE Webtoon has been breaking new talent for over 10 years. LINE Webtoon Head of Content Tom Akel will walk you through how to publish and promote your own IP on the Discover platform and talk about LINE Webtoon’s partnerships that are focused on creator growth.

1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m.
#ConLife: Develop Your Product Pitch
You’ve got your con table. You’ve got your products in hand. You’ve printed out your marketing materials. You’re ready to rock and roll, right? Not so fast. Without a good pitch, nobody is going to buy your product. Join Russell Nohelty (Wannabe Press) as he helps you develop your product pitch step by step so that when you step behind that booth, you are ready to make money and find new fans immediately.

2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.
Story Telling Through Color
Join colorists David Baron and Allen Passalaqua as they take you on a journey…through color! Tips and tricks as well as a Q&A after.

3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
Writer Seeking Artist: Finding and Maintaining Healthy Collaboration
As a comic book writer, you’re forever seeking your better half… an amazing artist or art team! There’s no one way to find great collaborators. Come hang out and listen to how we did it. Moderated by Rosie Knight (Cougar and Cub) with panelists Kelly Sue Milano (Hex 11), James F Wright (Nutmeg, Lupina), Johnny Parker II (Black Fist and Brown Hand, Elvish), Joshua Henaman (Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman), and Nick Marino (Cougar and Cub, Holy F*ck).

4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
Beyond Basic
A writer, an illustrator, a rapper, and a studio artist come together to discuss one of the cornerstones of any creative pursuit: inspiration. We’ll explain our own creative processes as well as answering important questions such as “What is inspiration, and how can I find/buy/steal it?” and “How can I tap into my creativity when I’m not inspired?” etc. We’ll share our personal methods for finding inspiration, and the audience will leave this panel with tools to fight their next bout of writer’s block. Our goal is to save people from being basic by showing them ways to tap deeper into their own creative prowess.

10:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.
COMIX: Beyond the Comic Book Pages – Screening of Feature Documentary
Screening of the award-winning feature documentary film COMIX: Beyond the Comic Book Pages. COMIX is a film all about comic books and the phenomenon surrounding them that features not only some of the greatest talent in the industry like Stan Lee (Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four), Frank Miller (Sin City, Batman, 300), Neal Adams (Batman), Mark Waid (Superman Birthrite), John Romita Jr. and Marc Silvestri (Image/Top Cow), but also tons of fans, many dressed in costumes talking about their love for the art form. Join Director Michael Valentine after the screening for a Q&A.

12:30a.m. – 1:30p.m.
#MakeComics: Write For Your Life!
If you’ve ever wanted to write comics for a living, this panel is a can’t miss opportunity. Writing powerhouses Mark Waid, Dean Haspiel, DJ Kirkbride and David Gallaher have been doing it for years and are here to tell you how they accomplished it! Questions can be asked! Answers will be given! Moderated by The Comic Beat’s Heidi MacDonald.

1:30p.m. – 2:30p.m.
The Art of Pitching Your Story (To Readers, Studios or Publishers)
Award-nominated director/comicbook creator Stephan Franck (The Iron Giant, Despicable Me, Silver) presents effective ways to pitch your story to buyers (publishers, producers, studios). This will include subjects like understanding the idea of “high-concept”, and picking the right prospective-buyer for your project. Conversation will also extend to post-sale topics: what to expect from the sale in terms of money, and continuous involvement with your own project once it has been sold.

2:30p.m. – 3:30p.m.
Social Media and Fandom
What impact has the rapid explosion of social media outlets had on fandom? Are some forms of social media more effective than others? Blogger, animation writer and production person, and multiple-time guest of the LET’S VOLTRON podcast Shannon Muir shares her thoughts and experiences and also will have some audience Q&A.

3:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.
Women Who Draw
From Boss Babies to dating dramas, these smart and funny ladies tackle a wide range of topics in their works. What makes them tick? Has being a woman created any unexpected roadblocks in their career paths? Can they truly have it all? Join panelists Marla Frazee (Boss Baby), Maggie Mull (Elle Magazine) and more surprise guests for a fun, engaging panel on the most hot-button topic of the year: Women’s (cartoon) production rights!

knerds of the round table (seaside pre-funcTion)
10:30a.m. – 11:30a.m.
The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality: An Overview of the State of Technology
Join in on the discussion of Virtual and Augmented Reality as it effects the future of entertainment & education, from comic book Apps to Location Based Experiences. Mary Duda is an innovator in the field of digital media. She works in the development of new form digital media with over 20 years experience in designing Virtual and Augmented Reality in theme parks and games. Her company, SCiOart, creates digital games that combine simulation and game play from mobile to location based experiences.

11:30a.m. – 2:30p.m.
Game Mastering and Adventure Design Workshop with Zak Sabbath
In this Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game workshop, participants will discuss, brainstorm, test and play through improvised adventures to learn to expand their palette as game masters. Open to both veterans and first-time game masters.

2:30p.m. – 3:30p.m.
Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show
Le Geek So Chic is a high-end, professional fashion show that is a full scale show stopper event. We are proud promoters of body positivity and have models of all sizes, heights, genders, and ages in our shows. We believe geek fashion is an important expression on oneself, favorite fandoms, and is for everyone! As a traveling geek fashion show, Le Geek So Chic brings the next level of nerd fashion with the latest and greatest designers both locally and internationally. Hosted by Lauren Matesic and Bernadette Bentley.

3:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.
Celebrating Cuban Cultural Art
In May, the organizers of Long Beach Comic Expo will hold Cuba’s first comic expo! MC’ing the Cuba Comic Expo is Cuban artist and Fernanda creator Mario Rivas, who will be joined by Cuban American Cosplay host Leo Camacho, Aggressive Comix pioneer Jenny Lorenzo, and influencer Mimi Davila to talk about why a cultural exchange program is so beneficial and what it hopes to accomplish!

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