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Press Release:

Join cartoonist E.J. Barnes on Sunday, March 6 at 2:00 PM for a discussion of Taxes for Working Cartoonists. Barnes will explain how to include income from freelance comics, illustration work, and writing when filing taxes. Whether it’s most of your income or just a tiny fraction, if you’ve made any money as a freelance cartoonist, comic artist, illustrator, or writer of any kind, you may need to report your income as the proprietor of a business!

With years of experience as a cartoonist, illustrator, and publisher of Drowned Town Press, E. J. Barnes is just the person to illuminate this often-harrowing process, which applies not only to cartoonists but freelancers of all sorts. Topics will include: What forms will I need to worry about? What records do I need to keep? Do I need a special ID number or DBA? What is the “Hobby Test”? Do I need to pay my own Social Security taxes? And much more!

About E.J. Barnes:
Barnes became a cartoonist after sixteen years in software engineering, and has since been published in Colonial Comics: New England, 1620-1750, Subcultures, The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology, several Boston Comics Roundtable anthologies, and various other publications. She has been filing her own 1040 with Schedule C since 2006. She is not a tax attorney or an accountant.

About Boston Comics Roundtable:
The Boston Comics Roundtable is a community of independent comics artists and writers based in the Greater Boston area, acting as a resource for local creators. We encourage development and collaboration and welcome anyone interested in creating or publishing comics, at all ages and levels of experience. Our weekly meetings revolve around discussions of news in comics, showing of members’ work, and the professional development of everyone involved.

Admission will be $5 if you sign up before March 1st and $10 if you sign up starting March 1st.

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Boston Comics Workspace – Studio 306
561 Windsor Street Somerville, MA 02143

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