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Redbubble Offers a Poster Challenge for NYCC 2012


Redbubble NYCC

Via Redbubble:

Official RB/NYCC Show Poster Challenge

Open for entries. Voting will start for this challenge in 19 days.

The Challenge
Suit up people, it’s nearly time for New York Comic-Con. Yes, this October several trillion pop culture afficionados will descend upon a usually quiet east coast city in a quest to sniff Joss Whedon’s hair, drive the Batmobile up a wall and meet the Doctors. But they also come to enjoy nice t-shirts, posters, and various other items one can adorn with splendid and culturally relevant graphic design. Which is why we’re going. Again.

This year we want an epic show poster, just like a limited edition gig poster but to commemorate NY Comic-Con instead. The winning design will be beautifully printed and given pride of place in our booth under the stare of 100,000+ visitors. We’ll hand number 200 to give away to happy people who come and talk to us as a stunning memento and we’ll add your name and bio to every poster for maximum effect. We’re also offering free tickets, free merch and free money for the winner and three runners up.

We’re looking for a superb bit of illustrated poster art highlighting the Redbubble presence at NYCC. It could be a faux-comic cover, parody gig poster, or just some beautiful typography. See Voting Criteria below for details. We did it last year with t-shirtsand the crowd went batshit for them.

Not sure how to enter? Well if you haven’t already you’ll need to Sign Up!

Judging / Voting Criteria
Your poster design must include the following:
– The show dates, October 11-14, 2012, although they can be scripted any way you choose.
– A mention of ‘New York Comic-Con’, or ‘NYCC’.
– A mention of ‘Redbubble’ (it’s one word kids) you can access our logo here but you don’t need to use it.
– It must be available as a poster

Your design must not include the following:
– Any copyrighted material, characters, logos etc. If in doubt. Don’t.
– Cats. Unless they are very funny cats.

Entries will be shortlisted by the community through the voting process. The final winners will be selected by Redbubble based on a sense of incredible imagination, skill and execution of the brief and exactly the right amount of awesome. (Which is ‘a lot’, a lot of awesome.)

It’s going to be a tough one for the judges, we can sense it already.

Rewards & Prizes
First Prize:

– Your work featured centrally at our NYCC 2012 booth and 200 prints of your design given away
– A framed version of your winning design
– 2 x Saturday tickets for NYCC OR a $200 RedBubble voucher if you can’t make it
– A feature on our Redbubble Facebook page
– At least a lifetime’s worth of ‘sense of achievement’

Second Prize

– A framed version of your winning design
– 2 x Saturday tickets for NYCC OR a $200 RedBubble voucher if you can’t make it
– A feature on our Redbubble Facebook page

Third Prize

– $150 RedBubble voucher
– Print of your winning design
– A feature on our Redbubble Facebook page

As usual there may be a ’People’s Choice’ award, prizes to be confirmed and they’ll be lovely as always.

Additional Information
All entrants in the challenge agree to be bound by the Official Rules

You may only submit one design.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The entrant must have clear copyright ownership or permission to use any images utilised in their final submission. Any images that do not meet this criteria will be removed.

Cover Image: Untitled by onetonshadow

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