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Stan Lee presents Dallas Comic Con (the 10th Anniversary show) in 2012


Stan Lee DCC

Press Release:

Stan Lee presents Dallas Comic Con (the 10th Anniversary show) brings major guests to Big D

On May 19-20, the Dallas Comic Con returns to the Irving Convention Center, and this promises to be the most incredible convention the Southwest has ever seen. The full title of the event is actually “Stan Lee presents Dallas Comic Con”, and marks Stan “The Man” Lee’s second appearance at the show (he last appeared in 2011, and had such a great time he wanted to return in 2012). This also happens to be the 10th Anniversary of the Dallas Comic Con, which started in 2002 with Guest of Honor Dave Stevens. This year’s installment pulls out all the stops, featuring media superstars Patrick Stewart (Saturday only), Val Kilmer, and Adam West and Burt Ward. Comic book legends Neal Adams (BATMAN: ODYSSEY), George Perez (DC New 52 SUPERMAN) and Zombie King Arthur Suydam headline the creator portion of the guest list, which also includes popular names like Len Wein (co-creator of WOLVERINE and SWAMP THING, writer of BEFORE WATCHMEN), Cully Hamner (co-creator of RED), Brian Stelfreeze (BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT cover artist), Norm Breyfogle (quintessential BATMAN artist), Greg Horn (cover artist of ELEKTRA and EMMA FROST), Marvel artist and colorist husband and wife team Mitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser, and Alex Saviuk (SPIDER-MAN and Stan Lee’s MIGHTY 7 artist). The show will host a special appearance by BATMAN animated voice master Kevin Conroy (signing for FREE), and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION’s “Q” John De Lancie. STAR WARS fans will enjoy meeting Darth Vader himself Dave Prowse and Boba Fett man behind the mask Jeremy Bulloch.

With the amazing guest list and high anticipation of the show’s return (last year drew nearly 12,000 attendees), both VIP and Priority badges have already sold out with nearly two months left before the convention. General Admission tickets are still available. DCC Event Manager Mark Walters says “This is the biggest event we’ve ever attempted to date, and the excitement surrounding it is amazing. We sold out of exhibit space and artist alley tables in record time, and the ticket sales are through the roof. Anyone attending is going to get their money’s worth, as we have an incredible list of talent coming, lots of exciting Q&As planned, and plenty to do and see. One thing we’ve always prided ourselves on is this being a great family experience, and we see more and more new families attending with each event we do – it’s a terrific feeling to know we’re bringing happiness to fans of all ages, and the ten years of hard work is really paying off for everyone.”

The Dallas Comic Con runs May 19-20, 2012 – at the Irving Convention Center, just 5 minutes or so from DFW airport. Discounted General Admission tickets are available in advance on the site. All the latest info can be found at http://dallascomiccon.com

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Brian Pate
Brian is the owner and founder of Convention Scene.


  1. Comic Con BS,,I’m sure if you could get inside it was a cool even..That convention center sucks the way they handled the event. We got there at 10:30am lines where already almost doubled up. We figured..well it just started we’ll give it a bit…So we decided to go eat some lunch and come back.
    That didnt help, by that time the lines went done one whole side of the building and then doubled backed. What crap…It’s not about the fans..it’s about how much money they can make…they don’t give a shit about making everyone wait out in the Texas Sun for hours just to get a ticket. They didnt even have awning for shade and I didnt see anyone selling water either.
    Family event my ass, I saw little kids and babies out in that sun, that I really felt bad for. it was over 90 degrees today.
    Needless to say we left after driving all the way there for nothing.

  2. It was a nightmare, easily the worst comic con I’ve even been to. Wander up 2 or 3 flights of stairs just to find out whatever the hell you were looking for was actually on the first floor. Or was finished for the moment until hours later, etc etc. Hot as hell in there; I saw at least a couple of hefty guys who were really laboring and I hope they managed to get hydrated and aired out. Signage was non-existent except for those stupid handheld thingies you could barely see amidst the chaos.

    The volunteers meant well, but sometimes provided contradictory or vague info. ‘Stan Lee photo op is such-and-such line there.’ ‘No, this is the Supergirl line. Stan’s done until blah blah blah.’ At least the exit was easy to find, but we wandered aimlessly so much we couldn’t help but have it burned into our memories.

    I preordered Premium tickets and that was crappy enough, I can’t imagine how much it sucked for people trying to buy at the door. Finally gave up and left without doing some of the stuff I had planned to.

    Awful show, just awful…

  3. We were waiting three hours (9:30-12:30) in the Texas sun and it was told to us we were only a third of the way in by the staff. My wife, two guys standing behind me and I saved two more hours of waiting just by getting out of line and just walking in. I know it was not the most ethical thing to do, but such notions have less priority in your life when you are baking in the sun. It may have not been as bad if the staff actually unlocked more than just one door to let thousands of people in!

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