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More Guests Announced for 20th Anniversary Clifton NJ Comic Book Expo

Press Release:
More guests have been added to the 20th anniversary Clifton NJ Comic Book Expo on Sunday, November 13th. 
They include Paul Castiglia, Tom Hall, Rick Man and Nick Mockoviak.
Paul Castiglia
Paul Castiglia has been writing and editing comics and pop culture articles for over 20 years for publishers including Archie, DC and Dark Horse. Among Paul’s many credits are writing the “Archie’s Weird Mysteries” comic series, editing the “Archie Americana” series of classic paperback reprints, and writing stories starring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Tom Hall is the writer and co-creator of the award-winning “R-13” (aka “Robot 13”) and “KING!” The digital version of “R-13” has the distinction of being one of the most-downloaded independent digital comic offerings of all-time.
Rick Man
Rick Man is a graphic designer, illustrator and comic artist.  His most recent work includes “Toteman”, an PSA comic devoted to informing the public about epilepsy.
Nick Mockoviak
Nick Mockoviak is a fan favorite indy artist and illustrator whose prints are so well priced that they usually sell out at any given show.
For more info go to www.njcomicbookshows.com or contact show promoter John Paul directly at pugprdctns@aol.com.
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