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VA Comicon Promoter Stepping Down After October 2011 Show But Con Will Continue


Press Release:

Brett Carreras, promoter of VA Comicon, steps down after Oct 29-30.

VA Comicon logoGreetings!

This is Brett from the VA Comicon…

I have known many of you for years, and some not nearly as long. I wanted to send out a heart-felt THANK YOU for everyone’s support of the VA Comicon, and my efforts as Director of PR for the show.

As you already know, the show THIS weekend will be the 25th anniversary event, founded by Guy Rose way back in 1986 as the “Chesterfield County Comic Collector’s Club.” I am proud to list Guy as one of my best friends, and look forward to celebrating his birthday THIS Sunday, Oct 30 at the VA Comicon.

As you also may know, I, Brett Carreras, took over promotion of the VA Comicon in 2004 to help Guy build excitement in the community. Today I am please to say the VA Comicon is THE premiere event for pop-culture in the state of Virginia, and I have helped in the past and in the future to bring Top Cow, Avatar Press, Fangoria, Zenescope, Moonstone, Adhouse and more AMAZING publishers to Richmond, Virginia.

I am now sitting here in Mountain View California (near San Francisco), with my friend and colleague Daniel Fogel (Hippy Comix) as we prepare for the VA comicon this WEEKEND, and I am reflecting back on my short but exciting career in comic books.

2011 has been a banner year for me. I had my first article published as an Overstreet advisor, I was told I will be listed as an adviser in an upcoming edition of the Fogel’s Underground Price Guide, I setup in San Diego with my good friend Ben Penrod, I helped to run the biggest comic book event EVER in the District of Columbia, and am about to personally finance the most exciting VA Comicon we have EVER had!

I have accomplished EVERYTHING I have ever set out to do in comic books. I have EVERY comic book on my “want list”. I am lucky enough to have traveled the country promoting this hobby. For me, this show in 4 days is a Pinnacle of EVERYTHING I have accomplished in this industry. While Brett’s Comic Pile will continue to operate, delivering thousands of comics for less than $1 each around the world, I feel I have professional hit a ceiling.

I invite YOU to join me at the VA Comicon for my retirement party (Why not go out on a high note, eh?), and Guy’s birthday party. In fact, if you pick up Advanced tickets NOW, at our website, I will even “eat the fees”. Type in the discount code “farewell” to save $1.24 off of each ticket. My gift to you during these last 48 hours the Advance Tickets are on sale.

Don’t worry…the VA Comicon will continue to operate, with FIVE shows planned in 2012…I look forward to telling you more about 2012 at our show this weekend. Thank you for ALL of your support, and please be sure to come by and say hi. I will see you at the show!


Brett Carreras

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