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Win an Adam Hughes Sketch at Boston Comic Con 2011


Up for auction is the opportunity to get an original, one of a kind convention sketch from comic artist Adam Hughes at Boston Comic Con!

Click here to bid!! (Auction ends on Apr 26, 2011 15:17:02 PDT)

Please read the auction details carefully. Much of the information gets recycled from each show, but there are some new rules and requests listed below.

As many collectors  and fans know, Adam is renowned for his cover art on such books as Catwoman and Wonder Woman, as well as limited run covers for such titles as Power Girl, the Legion of Super Heroes, Joss Whedon’s Serenity and assorted Star Wars projects, to name but a few. His designs for Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Comiquette Statues as well as DC Direct’s Women of the DCU busts and Covergirls statue series are much sought after and enjoyed. This auction is YOUR chance to have one of Adam’s pieces added to your collection, and not just any piece. The artwork you win will be a fully rendered sketch of the character of your choice. The images attached to this auction are an example of the quality of work that the winner can expect to receive; each of those pieces was drawn for winners of past auctions for guaranteed convention sketches!

To participate in this auction, you must meet the following criteria: the artwork must be collected from Adam in person by the winner at the upcoming Boston Comic Con. The dates of the convention are April 30th and May 1st.. You must be an attendee at the show, and be able to provide photo ID proving you are the same individual that won this auction. No one else will be allowed to pick up this artwork for you; so please if you do not plan on being at the Boston Comic Con, do not bid. We cannot make exceptions. You must be able to pay in full via paypal at the close of this auction or make arrangements to pay in cash at the opening of the show. Failure to do so will result in a second chance offer being sent out to the next highest bidder.

The following restrictions will also apply to this auction: Your request may be of a single character of your choosing. Adam reserves the right to add any complimentary characters that he may feel completes the piece of artwork. We humbly ask that you limit your input to the character request, and which of the costumes associated with the character you would like. Please fell free to request a “feeling” for your piece if you would like to; for example, do you want it humorous, or sexy; or featuring a style Adam is known for drawing, like art nouveau or classic pin-up styles. Requests involving specific poses, or editorializing the content of the sketch tend to limit Adam’s creativity, so we kindly ask that you refrain from such specifications.Your artwork will be completed in gray-scale marker as all of Adam’s convention sketches are, with painted highlights added as Adam deems it necessary. The examples included with this auction may look like color was used; Adam achieved this effect using a combination or warm and cool gray tones markers. The artwork will be 11 by 14 inches, and all materials used are archival in quality.  No lewd requests will be accepted, nor any content deemed to be offensive. If you ask for something that is either of these, we will politely ask you for a second choice for the subject of your sketch.

Your artwork will be completed either prior to, or at Boston Comic Con, unless other arrangements are made. For example; if you only plan on attending on Saturday, we will try and make sure that your piece is completed and ready for you to pick up on that day.  Something to keep in mind about this event: Adam’s time is extremely restricted. He has panels and signings to attend outside of his booth, which eat up a good amount of what would otherwise be considered his sketching time. Should these time consuming events prevent Adam from completing your sketch by the end of the convention, your sketch will be completed from his studio at home, and mailed to you at our expense. Adam or myself will be in touch with you prior to the convention to talk about your sketch request.  However, if you neglect to check in with us at the show and collect your sketch, you will forfeit it. We will not be responsible for shipping unclaimed artwork at the end of the show, and as stated earlier, the art MUST be picked up by the auction winner; no substitutions will be allowed.