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UT – Draw Night Gallery Show


Ryan Ottley posts on his blog:

For you Utah  locals, come to No Brow coffee on August 20th (6pm-10pm) to see a Gallery of all of the Draw Night crew drawings. The Art will be up for 2 weeks, but the 20th we’ll all be there hanging out. Come check out our works and meet us all!

Draw Night is a night where a bunch of us local artists get together and draw for a few hours once a week, so this Gallery is a showcase of that work and more. We not only draw sketches there, sometimes  it’s necessary to bring in our work, so you’ll see my Invincible work, Grizzly Shark work, along with the random odd sketches I do.

I will have a few things there  like comics, prints, And FREE Invincible posters from Comicon.

There’s six other artists (Derek Hunter, Rachel Hunter, Tim Odland, Elias Pate, Geoff Shupe and Alan Tew) that have some great stuff, comic art, concept art, and more. They all do amazing work, many will have prints and comics there also.

No Brow Coffee
315 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111