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The Great Allentown Comic Con! Adds Guests


Press Release:

Added guest –Gus Fink!

The Great Allentown Comic Con! is proud to announce that original artist, painter, and creator Gus Fink will be attending the April 3rd Show!

Gus Fink is a visionary Artist and Toy Designer who has created over 40 unique characters into Art Toys that are sold internationally – His paintings and mixed medium artwork have been sold in over 30 galleries across the United States and even overseas!

Comics include the Wild World of Gus Fink issues 1 and 2 published by AntiMatter Hoffman in 2003, HellCar Comics Issues 8-14 2004-2005, “The Trouble with Igor” Graphic Novel published in 2005 by Slave Labor Graphics and the First ever Mini Comix/Sticker Packs in 2009.

Gus will be showcasing many of his creations at the show, as well as taking commissions and selling some original pieces and prints starting at only $20!

For the latest on Gus simply Google his name to see what he’s up to or visit Gus’s site at http://www.GusFink.com/ or email us! – info@allentowncomiccon.com

Added guest – Tedd Hazard!

The Great Allentown Comic Con! is proud to announce that artist and comic creator Tedd Hazard will be attending the April 3rd Show!

Tedd Hazard is a freelance illustrator and comic artist/writer who has been working on various indy comics for the past 10 years. Such titles he has worked on include The Coatrack Chronicles, Chester the Crafty Pervert, Chewy, and Spookyman. Most recently he has been working on “The New Adventures of Chewy” and “Brothers from Another Mothership”. His unique cartooning style and insane writings have been enjoyed by comic fans all over the east coast and by main-stream publishers alike.

For more information please visit the Tedd’s site at http://hazardcaricatures.webs.com or email us! – info@allentowncomiccon.com

Thanks and see you all at the show!

The Great Allentown Comic Con! Staff


  1. This was an AMAZING SHOW! The crowd was fun, and there was even a nice line at the door. I think this show is perfect for shoppers and sellers alike. Chris, you know how to put on a GREAT show! Thanks for having us! For those of you who haven’t visited this convention…DON’T MISS IT NEXT TIME! It ROCKS!

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