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Steve Scott Offers Avatar Sketch Cards on eBay


Steve Scott Sketch Cards on Ebay–
Avatar Theme Entices Penciler for the Limited Run.

Atlanta— Steve Scott has just consented to provide a limited run of sketch cards to comemorate the astounding success of the runaway blockbuster, “Avatar.”  A renowned comic book professional,  Scott is known for his work on “Razor” for London Knights, Indiana Jones for Dark Horse, X-Men for Marvel and most recently an exclusive Green Lantern special project for DC Comics. His work has been featured in numerous gallery shows from Manhattan to Brussels, while conducting art classes and appearing in places as diverse as The Netherlands, Paris and Gijon, Spain. If  you are a fan of the hit television show, “Smallville,” you no doubt have also seen Steve’s sequential work used in that show’s production. In addition, Steve has the distinction of having his work owned by numerous discerning collectors worldwide, the least of which is not director  George Lucas himself!

Other titles which Steve has had the pleasure of penciling include:  “New Warriors,” “Hourman,” and “JLA” just to name a few. In addition, Steve was the only artist tapped by DC to do any work for the “Batman Dark Knight” movie featuring the now legendary Joker turn by Hearth Ledger. Steve’s work and rendition of this actor as the Joker can be found in the exclusive blue-ray package of the hit movie!

With a resume like that, one wouldn’t think that up until recently, Steve led a duel life as firefighter by day and artist by night– for more than sixteen years, in fact! Even then, it took one horrible event to bring those two identities together. On September 11, 2001, he watched, with the rest of the nation as the Twin Towers fell. Soon afterwards, DC Comics published “The Worlds Finest Comic Book Writers & Artists Tell Stories to Remember.” Steve was selected among the few to contribute to this historical collection, which was later exhibited, and is now archived, at the Library of Congress. Something he is truly proud to be part of.

Scott has since relocated to the renowned community of artist in Atlanta, Georgia, encouraged to pick up the pencil full time by his contemporaries. And with great effect! Immediately, since, Steve’s work has appeared in the pages of DC Comics “Shadowpact,” “The Creeper,” and “Checkmate.” He got a particularly special kick out of bringing to life some of DC Comics strangest characters like Detective Chimp, Rex the Wonder Dog, Rag Man, The Phantom Stranger, and many others.

Recent and current projects at Marvel Comics, and DC Comics include working with industry legends Louise Simonson and Chris Claremont on the titles “Magik” and “Exiles.” As well as titles in the successful Marvel Adventures line including: Fantastic Four, Avengers, and the Hulk. In addition to this ever growing list of published comics, cards, and other related illustrations, Steve also penciled  “Kyle XY”  for Disney/ABC with writer Jeff Parker.

Although some of Steve’s sequential art pages are available on the comic art market, this is the first time that Steve has consented to provide a limited run edition of select sketch cards for fans of his work and sketch card collectors. To celebrate this limited time event, several of these sketch cards are now available on e-bay and available from Eva Ink Artist Group (evaink@aol.com).

Don’t miss this opportunity to own these exclusive cards by this renowned artist, while supplies last.  The ebay auctions below end of February 14th, so check ’em out now!





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