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CA – Night of the Creeps Signing

Director Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad, Robocop 3) signs NIGHT OF THE CREEPS at Dark Delicacies on Tuesday, June 25th at 7 PM. Dark Delicacies 822 N. Hollywood...

MA – Synecdoche, New York Screening +Q&A

Actor Tom Noonan (Manhunter, Last Action Hero, Robocop 2, Monster Squad) appears on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 9:30 PM to host a screening of Synecdoche,...

CA – Bright Make-Up FX Symposium

Press Release: Creature Features presents an intimate conversation with Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. of Amalgamated Dynamics Inc., discussing the design and creation of...

CA – Hurricane Harvey Charity Fundraiser

Country Music Star, Writer, and Actress Kasey Lansdale is throwing a fundraising and donation event, with the help of the folks over at Dark...

CO – Monster Squad 30th Anniversary Screening

Join stars Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, and Ashley Bank — that's Sean, little sister Phoebe, and Rudy — for a night of remembering, reminiscing,...

CA – Monster Squad LP Signing

Director Fred Dekker appears at Dark Delicacies on Saturday, June 10th at 4:00 PM to sign the limited edition vinyl LP of the soundtrack to...