Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Molly Ringwald at Knoxville Comic Convention

Fanboy Expo is very excited to announce that Molly Ringwald will be making a rare appearance at Knoxville Convention Center July 13-14 for Knoxville...

Michael Myers joins Fanboy Expo!

Fanboy Expo is thrilled to announce that Nick Castle will be joining us next July 12-14 at Knoxville Convention Center. Nick is best known...

Fanboy welcomes Carmen Electra

Fanboy Expo is happy to announce that Carmen Electra will be joining us July 13-14 2019 in Knoxville TN for Fanboy Expo. Carmen is...

WHOOOO Ric Flair visits Knoxville Comic Con

WHOOOO Ric Flair visits Knoxville Comic Con Fanboy Expo is very happy to announce that Ric Flair will be joining us for Knoxville Comic Con...

Knoxville Comic Con gets the Karate Kid

Fanboy Expo is thrilled to announce that Ralph Macchio will be joining us all weekend for Knoxville Comic Con. Ralph is best known for his...