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  • Sac-Con 2013 Welcomes Grey DeLisle, Lauren Tom, and Many More


    Sac-Con is Sunday June 2nd at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento (6151 H Street).  10am – 5pm.  Admission is $6 at the door (Children 8 & under Free.  Early Bird (9am Entry) is $10 at the door. 



    Grey DeLisle
    Arkham City’s Catwoman, Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Azula, Scooby Doo’s Daphne
    1st Autograph Free, each additional $20
    Grey Collage

    Lauren Tom
    Futurama’s Amy Wong, Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Joo Dee
    Lauren will charging for her autograph.
    Lauren Tom Collage

    Dameon Clarke

    Borderland 2’s Handsome Jack, Dragonball Z’s Cell
    Dameon will not be charging for his autograph.
    Limit 1 per person.
    Dameon Clarke Collage


    C. Andrew Nelson
    Darth Vader in all recent Lucasfilm and Lucas Arts projects.
    C. Andrew will be charging for his autograph.
    C. Andrew Collage

     Check out some of our great events at the show:

    Cosplay Costume Contest

    Video Game Tournaments

    Huge Vendors Room

    3pm Charity Raffle

    Panels/Q & A’s with our guests  

    Free Yugioh & Magic Tournaments

    Anime Viewing Room 

    and more!

    MD – Danger Club Signing

    Landry Quinn Walker and Eric Jones sign at Third Eye Comics on Saturday June 30, 2012 from 11am-1pm.

    RSVP on Facebook!

    Press Release:

    In continuing some of the awesome in-store signings we’ve had with recent IMAGE hits like PETER PANZERFAUST, STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE, HEART and more, we’re stoked to announce that we’re going to be doing a BIG launch signing for DANGER CLUB #3 this JUNE.

    This book is something special, folks. The concept. The artwork. The storytelling. It’s the total package, and we are totally excited about every second of it. If you took Brian K. Vaughan’s RUNAWAYS, Nick Spencer’s MORNING GLORIES, and then applied the dark filter of WATCHMEN to them… you’d get DANGER CLUB.

    We’re pretty pumped to let you know we’ll have creators LANDRY QUINN WALKER and ERIC JONES in store at THIRD EYE COMICS in ANNAPOLIS to sign copies of their new series.

    What’s DANGER CLUB? In a world of heroes and villains, the greatest super-heroes fly off to space to take down an unstoppable force… but they don’t come back. And, they’ve left behind their sidekicks to take care of the planet — or destroy it.

    A visceral, brutal, and angry look at teen sidekicks, something we haven’t seen intensity like since BRAT PACK, this new series is one of my most anticipated of the Summer.

    My gut instinct just looking at preview pages is that of BRIAN K. VAUGHAN’S RUNAWAYS put through the filter of WATCHMEN.

    The writing is sharp, with great dialogue, and very cool spins on familiar superhero archetypes of the superhero genre, and Eric Jones’s artwork brings the book to life in a BIG and EXCITING way.

    Imagine a world of super-powered teenagers who lack the guidance of their mentors? An entire generation raised in a culture of violence who lack the temperament that comes with age. And, while the superheroes normally come back from these big cosmic crisis and wars… they’re not coming back this time, so Earth is pretty screwed.

    Very cool stuff, Third Eye Faithful! Make sure you pick up issue #1 on April 4th, and jump on board, so you can join us on Saturday 6/30 for our big launch party of DANGER CLUB #3, and you can get Landry and Eric to sign copies of 1-3 for you!

    Third Eye Comics
    2027-A West Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

    Where to Find the “Special Guests” at Comic-Con International

    Comic-Con International has updated their Special Guest List page with appearance information:

    We’ve poured through our various schedules and listings to pull together the listed appearances of our guests throughout the convention. This information now follows the guest’s bio. These listings may not reflect all of their potential appearances. Some guests may also appear at company booths in the Exhibit Hall and other locations as well.

    The Special Guest List for this year’s 40th Anniversary of the convention includes:

    » Michael “Doc” Allred
    » Kevin J. Anderson
    » Sergio Aragonés
    » Ray Bradbury
    » Brom
    » Gene Colan
    » Nicola Cuti
    » Kevin Eastman
    » Steve Epting
    » Mark Evanier
    » June Foray
    » Ramona Fradon
    » Hunter Freberg
    » Stan Freberg
    » Gary Gianni
    » Jimmy Gownley
    » Russ Heath
    » Brian Herbert
    » James Jean
    » Geoff Johns
    » Eric Jones
    » Kazu Kibuishi
    » Dennis Kitchen
    » John Kricfalusi
    » Hope Larson
    » Jim Lee
    » Francis Manapul
    » Dwayne McDuffie
    » Doug Moench
    » Sheldon “Shelly” Moldoff
    » Fabio Moon
    » Patrick Oliphant
    » Bryan Lee O’Malley
    » Stephan Pastis
    » David Petersen
    » Darick Robertson
    » Jerry Robinson
    » Mike Royer
    » Stan Sakai
    » Lew Sayre Schwartz
    » Seth
    » Bill Sienkiewicz
    » Gail Simone
    » Leonard Starr
    » J. Michael Straczynski
    » Richard Thompson
    » Lewis Trondheim
    » Ramón Valdiosera Berman
    » Jerry Vanderstelt
    » Charles Vess
    » Landry Walker
    » Bill Willingham
    » Gene Yang
    » Leinil Yu