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Scene on the Web: Fan Days 2012


A comic con Texas-style! More to be added as we find it.

Scene on the Web: Fan Days 2012

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#fandays #dallascomiccon #October #cosplay #ramonaflowers #LadyLokiAshleigh (Ash)
@TheRealStanLee on stage w/ @markwalters74 @dallascomiccon FanDays #fb http://twitpic.com/b5mxn2Devin Pike
The most most adorable#Hawkeye ever!! (Posted with parent permission) #FanDays http://pic.twitter.com/gtPlQh3GKatie Crenshaw-David
Day 1 of @dallascomiccon #FanDays is done! Loved my Ariel costume — thanks @SamanthaPlays http://pic.twitter.com/UtCTH8iWTaylor Elizabeth
#FanDAys http://pic.twitter.com/5mzHSJZOGlitzyGeekGirl
Bane!! This was one of my favs all day #fandays http://pic.twitter.com/S5GXPQRBGlitzyGeekGirl
Elevator Lovin wif all ma homies – @tarastrong @seanastin @robertbenglund @dallascomiccon #fandays http://pic.twitter.com/GAsBPjr8Dina Meyer
RT @CasperVanDien: Diz & Rico will be there in 20 minutes. #FanDays @dallascomiccon http://pic.twitter.com/BxK1X4UzTeamVanDien
Tough guys! #fandays http://pic.twitter.com/Tntoe1uqGlitzyGeekGirl
Mr Demon sketch by James O’Barr. #FanDays http://pic.twitter.com/orY6ULfjShotgun Blast Comics
Best Link of the con for sure! #fandays http://pic.twitter.com/kmRELZcwGlitzyGeekGirl
Twilight Sparkle meets Twilight Sparkle, a.k.a. @tarastrong #fandays http://pic.twitter.com/Yzmfoh5qJen Wang
Very cool! RT @verojecsguard: Star Garrison and friends with the Emperor himself! ^_^#fandays http://pic.twitter.com/l0iH4AM1AGalaxyCalledDallas
Our #spaceballs group @TaffetaDarlin as #dotmatrix @Loreleina as #barf #FanDays @dallascomiccon http://pic.twitter.com/QhTxSy81TheTaffetaDarling
RT @DinaMeyer: Feeling really safe and protected with my own personal mobile infantryman escort at #fandays @dallascomiccon http://pic.twitter.com/xSFN4gSRMyke Jones
Yep! She really put some work into that one! RT @clintonhays: Princess Zelda! #FanDays http://instagr.am/p/RBLNrpIx64/AGalaxyCalledDallas
Photos | SciFiFX.comPhotos from DCC FanDays 2012 with Stan Lee, Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund, Ian McDiarmid, Sean Astin, Felicia Day, and more…
The 40 Best Costumes at Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days – Dallas – SlideshowsIf you’ve ever wanted to party with Stan Lee, Bruce Campbell, Felicia Day and select cast…
Vision & Hawkeye from #fandays http://instagr.am/p/RDhJtVzIla/Joe Eisma
There were a lot of Sith in attendance! RT @skattumprime: And some Sith!! #fandays #comiccon http://instagr.am/p/RBMbvHnep3/AGalaxyCalledDallas
Yep, these guys showed up as my battery was dying! RT @brandienic: #fandays @IrvingTxCC Hobbitses http://instagr.am/p/RBNJ3fx12n/AGalaxyCalledDallas
Me as #TwoFace and @Loreleina as #Riddler at today’s final day of @dallascomiccon #fandays. #batman the animated series http://pic.twitter.com/1LFRSpDnTheTaffetaDarling
Gallery – Dallas Comic-Con 2012 | Superhero HypeSuperhero Hype is your best source for superhero movies, comic book movies, reviews, sneak previews, trailers, graphic novels, and behind-the-scenes photos.
Dallas Comic Con Fan Days review: Where a geek can be a geek | Dallas-Fort Worth Events and Entertainment News – GuideLive – The Dallas Morning News"Did you see the girl in the Leia Slave Girl outfit?" one guy asked to the man dressed as Darth Vader. "She’s my girlfriend," Vader replied. "She keeps telling people she has daddy issues." Where else but a comic convention would you see such an exchange?
Stan Lee charms crowd at Comic-Con Fan Day 1 [Scenes From The Pit]Comic book legend Stan Lee energetically stated that fans are number one.
Doctor! I know you are in there! Accelerate! ACELERATE!!! #fandays #dalek http://lockerz.com/s/254422707Joe_Dalek
@dallascomiccon #fandays #artistalley #4thfloor Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I’ll have these prints for sale. Come say hi. http://pic.twitter.com/Ge5T49TmCal Slayton

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