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The Wayne Toy, Sports and Collectibles Show (2011 Schedule)


Phil and Mike from Wayne Collectibles Show

Convention The Wayne Toy, Sports and Collectibles Show
Start Date 2011 Schedule
About This Convention:

Wayne, New Jersey Company #1 Firehouse
97 Parish Dr, Wayne NJ 07470, Take RT 23 in Wayne NJ to the Lincoln Park Exit. Follow the Collectible Show signs to Parish Drive and Firehouse. Winter months visit the huge flea market across the street at the PAL. 

We featuring all types of Old, Rare, Vintage and Current Items such as, Comics, Toys, Movie Memorabilia, Sports, Non-Sports, Advertising, Action Figures, DVD, Music, Dolls, Paper Collectibles, Books and Magazines, Die Cast Cars and Trucks, Hot Wheels, Trains, Care bears, Webkins, Small Antiques, Monster Mags and Movies, Sci-Fi and Horror Related Stuff and more.

This is a full collectibles show with always changing merchandise and dealers. See us on:



 Hours: 8am to 3pm
Admission: $2; Children under 10 free.

For more information Contact:
Phil De Mario
PO Box 4094
Wayne NJ 07474-4094
(973) 726-9897
email:  waynenjtoyshow@aol.com

This is our 19th year running this monthly show. Dealers come from many states and bring a huge variety of all types of collectibles. Low table prices afford great flexibility for the dealers to pass on great deals to the customers. Snack bar and free parking. Never less than 50 tables of fantastic buys. Come shop where the dealers get there rare finds.

2011  Remaining Show dates:
 Aug 7
Sept 4
Oct 2
Nov 6
Dec 4

2012 Event: www.toysonthehudson.com

Venue Name Company #1 Firehouse
Venue Address 97 Parish Drive
Wayne, NJ 07470
United States
Number of Dealer/Exhibitor Tables 50
What category best describes your convention? Collectibles
What other categories might be appropriate for your convention? – Comic Books

Past Shows Gallery:


Dave’s American Comics and John Ciba (Universal Comics)

Mostly known for the local shows around the area. Also The New York
ComicCon, Philadelphia Wizard, d Baltimore Comic Convention, and all Big
Apple shows.

Set up-A wide range of Comics with five tables of box stuff (2 long
boxes deep). Usually five wall racks with rare and high grade silver and
golden age comics. Some bronze age also. We have raw and CGC books. You
can find books in any price range. We cater to everyone from the low to
mid grade collector to the very high end. Stop by and check us out. You
will not be disappointed.


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